How to perform well in First Attempt of SSB Interview.

Perform well in First Attempt of SSB Interview:- SSB Interview is a very important round of the selection process, SSB Interview is a five-day-long selection process, here you have to perform a variety of tasks from the first day to the last day. You need proper knowledge of the day-to-day task in SSB if you are going to appear for the first time in an SSB interview.

What is SSB Interview?

SSB stands for Service Selection Board. This is the interview conducted for the selection of officers in the defence. SSB is a 5 days long interview, you will be checked in all manners like Teamwork, Intelligence test(Verbal-nonverbal test), Group discussion, ground task activities, etc. This is a bit tough to qualify, you must have the proper knowledge and know about the procedure of the interview in order to clear that.

How to perform well in First Attempt of SSB Interview:-

Major Kalshi classes have 4 Retd. defence officers working with the MKC team to train the students for the SSB Interviews. Major Kalshi Classes Allahabad is known for the best SSB training because of the officers out there for the SSB training. Our retired defence officers, who used to take SSB Interview when they were in service so they can guide you in a proper manner because they have the experience to selecting the candidates in SSB.

  1. Retd. Colonel Pankaj Malhotra
  2. Retd. Wing Commander K.P. Thakur
  3. Retd. Group Caption L.K.Pandey
  4. Captain S.K. Singh

Tips by These officers for First Attempt of SSB Interview:-

If you truly want to build confidence for SSB interview, these tips will surely help you out.

Recognize your insecurities: If you are lacking confidence, it means there is something that you don’t like about yourself. Maybe you are fat or you do not have good communication skills. Recognize your insecurities, write them down on a paper and start working on them.

Dress well: Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. After wearing the right outfit, stand up in front of the mirror and compliment yourself. It will give you a positive feeling and boost your confidence.

Speak it out: When we fail to achieve something, we blame it on our knowledge, ability, and confidence. It is better to talk to yourself and know about your shortcomings, fears, and failures. Once you know everything about yourself, you will feel relax and overcome your shortcomings in an effective manner.

Recognize your strength: Make a list of your strength and read it out loud in front of the mirror. Take it as a weekly exercise and you will feel the difference in your confidence within a short time frame.

Be a proactive person: If you are willing to join the Indian Army or navy, you should be confident as well as proactive. If you are looking for SSB interview tips, you would be suggested to have a positive personality and attitude.

In addition to this, there are plenty of tips to gain confidence. Remember that confidence is something that you cannot fake for long. It is important to follow these above SSB interview tips and build your confidence to crack the interview like a pro.

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