History of National Defence Academy (NDA)

The National Defence Academy is the only academy in the world that trains and educate the candidates to be an officer in the Indian Armed forces. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete details about the History of National Defence Academy and at last, I will also talk about the how can one get selected in this academy and what are the required eligibility criteria for this etc. To get complete information about this, check the complete article below. I have shared all the shared about NDA History.

Importance of Physics in NDA Examination

History of National Defence Academy (NDA):

NDA History: The National Defence  Academy (NDA) is the Joint Services academy of the Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force train together before they go on to respective service academies for further pre-commissioning training. The National Defence Academy is located in Pune, Maharastra and it was established in January 1955.

At the end of World War two, the commander in chief of the Indian Army, Drawing an experience during the war. He submitted the report to the government and suggested to form Joint Military Service Academy.  The National Defence Academy has a total 18 squadrons in an alphabetical manner.  Now the Joining NDA is most demanding Career in the youths of India. The Government of India thinking off to extend the squadrons as per the need.

NDA Cadet’s lifestyle, Salary During the Training.

Wings of National Defence Academy:

The National Defence Academy trains the candidate for the Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy etc. The training in the academy will be done for 3 years and all the candidates will get a degree after passing out from here. After this, All the candidates will be sent to your respected wings whatever you select like for army cadets Indian Military Academy (IMA), for air force cadets Air Force Academy (AFA), for navy cadets  Indian Naval Academy (INA) and here you will be trained for 2 years. And here you will be trained about your duties, about your responsibility etc. after the pass this successfully there would be Passing Out parade after this you will be posted as officer in your respected branch.

All the candidates are equally and they get one of the best training.  Now let’s see the details about the life of NDA cadets in the Academy:

NDA Cadets Salary, Job Profile and Promotions.

Life at National Defence Academy:

The life at the NDA cadet is not as easy as it looks like. The cadets train themselves day and night to be a warrior.  the Initials days can be tough.  NDA cadets live their life like a gentleman, they transform themselves from Boy to men, from men to gentlemen and they live there like a family with fix routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner. They never get bored because they are always busy with their events, exercise and seminar etc.
despite having strict schedule cadets get time to watch the latest Hindi and English movies. The training at the academy Is so fast and intense that the time seems to be flying here. During the short day in the academy, a cadet learns to live his life with passion and discipline. The time spent in the national defence academy is the golden moment of every cadet’s life.

Facilities after Qualifying NDA: List of NDA Cadet facilities

Cadets are asked to join clubs where they can explore and learn new things. Outdoor clubs include archery, astronomy, golf, automotive, martial arts, aero-modelling, trekking, rock climbing, shooting, sailing, parasailing, paragliding, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, gardening, skating, etc. Indoor clubs include arts, classical music, dramatics, media, western music, literature, yoga, public speaking, artificial intelligence, robotics, and 10m shooting. Debates, public speaking competitions, seminars and interactions with civil institutes are regularly organized.

Training at National Defence Academy:

The training at the academy is intense and hardcore and the cadet gets a chance to develop a disciplined lifestyle which helps in his personal and professional life. Every other day at the academy offers a different challenge to toughen up the next crop of servicemen. The transformation from boys to men ushers in a strong breed of Indian military personnel equipped to defend the country in the best way possible.

NDA never let its cadets feel bored as numbers of events are being held at regular intervals including quizzes, debates, x-country, boxing, athletics, etc. Despite having a strict schedule cadet can get to watch latest English and Hindi movies.

To get the details about the selection process of the National Defence Academy and Eligibility Criteria etc. Click on the links given below to get details about this.

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