List of Joint Military Exercised of Indian Army , Military Exercises of India 2023

In July 2023, India and Mongolia did a special activity together. They practiced military Exercise in a place called Ulaanbaatar. India does this kind of practice with other countries too. If you want to join the army, you need to know about these practices for a big test. India wants to be friends with many countries. Doing army exercises together is important now. It helps countries work better together, not just in money and talking. After the Kargil war, India started doing more army exercises with friends. The biggest advantage of these practices is that they show other countries a message. As a defence Aspirant , you should know about Indian Military Exercises 2023 .

This topic is important for many important exams like NDA/CDS/AFCAT and SSB Interview . In this blog , we will know about All Military Exercises conducted and participated by Indian Army .

List of Indian Military Exercises :-

The Indian Military Exercises can be divided into three main categories :-

  1. Domestic Exercises 2. Bilateral Exercise’s 3. Multilateral Exercises

Now Let’s understand about these three exercises.

  1. Domestic Exercise – This exercise helps make inside things better. They can be between different parts of the military or within the same part. It can be Inter-service of Intra- Service .It depends on what they’re about and how they’re used. List of Domestic Military Exercise :- 1. Vijay Prahar (Army) 2. Gandiv Vijay (Army) 3. Paschim Leher (Navy) 4. Vayu Shakti (Air Force)

2. Bilateral Exercise – As the name shows, this exercise is conducted between two countries . From the table below have a look at Bilateral Military Exercise .

Exercise NameParticipant Nations
SampritiIndia & Bangladesh
Mitra ShaktiIndia & Sri Lanka
SLINEXIndia & Sri Lanka
Maitree ExerciseIndia & Thailand
Siam BharatIndia & Thailand
Vajra PraharIndia & US
Yuddh AbhayasIndia & US
Cope IndiaIndia & US
Nomadic ElephantIndia & Mongolia
Garuda ShaktiIndia & Indonesia
IND-INDO CORPATIndia & Indonesia
Samudra ShaktiIndia & Indonesia
Shakti ExerciseIndia & France
Varuna ExerciseIndia & France
Garuda ExerciseIndia & France
Dharma Guardian India & Japan
JIMEXIndia & Japan
Surya KiranIndia & Nepal
Hand in Hand Exercise India & China
SIMBEXIndia & Singapore
AUSINDEXIndia & Australia
Indo-Thai CORPATIndia & Thailand
AUSTRA HINDIndia & Australia
IN-BN CORPATIndia & Bangladesh
Table TopIndia & Bangladesh
Prabal DostykIndia & Kazakhstan
KhanjarIndia & Kyrgyzstan
EkuverinIndia & The Maldives
IMBEXIndia & Myanmar
IMCORIndia & Myanmar
Al NagahIndia & Oman
Naseem Al BahrIndia & Oman
Eastern BridgeIndia & Oman
Exercise IndraIndia & Russia
Ajeya WarriorIndia & UK
KonkanIndia & UK
IndradhanushIndia & UK
Eastern BridgeIndia & Oman
LamitiyeIndia & Seychelles
VINBAXIndia & Vietnam

3. Multilateral Exercise – This exercise is conducted in a single country and many countries participate in this multilateral exercise . Check some Major Multilateral Exercise :-

Multilateral exerciseNo of Participating countries
COBRA-GOLDAsia – Pacific countries
SamvednaSouth Asian Region Nations

Important Indian Military Exercises 2023 :-

Exercise nameCountry participated with IndiaLatest Date/Year/EditionHeld at
Al Nagah-IIIOman13th August 20124th EditionMahajan Field Firing Range, Bikaner
Bold KurukshetraSingapore6 – 13 March 202313th EditionJodhpur Military Station
EkuverinMaldives11 – 24 June 202312th EditionChaubatia, Uttarakhand
Garuda ShaktiIndonesiaNovember 20228th EditionKarawang, Indonesia
Hand in HandChina7th December 20198th EditionUmroi, Meghalaya
IndraRussiaAugust 202112th EditionVolgograd, Russia
KhanjarKyrgyzstanMarch 202310th EditionBishkek, Kyrgyzstan
LamityeSeychellesMarch 20229th EditionSeychelles
MaitreeThailand16th September 201914th EditionUmroi, Meghalaya
Mitra ShaktiSri LankaOctober 20218th EditionAmpara, Sri Lanka
Multi-national FTX/Exercise Force Eighteen18 ASEAN Plus countries2nd March 2016Pune, India
Nomadic ElephantMongoliaJuly 202315th EditionUlaanbaatar, Mongolia
KAZIND (Prabal Dostyk)KazakhstanDecember 20226th EditionUmroi, Meghalaya
SampritiBangladeshJune 202210th EditionJashore Military Station, Bangladesh
Surya Kiran XIVNepalDecember 202216th EditionSaljhandi, Nepal
Yudh AbhyasUnited StatesOctober 202218th EditionAuli, Uttarakhand

Why are Military Exercises Conducted ?

Military exercises are conducted for a variety of reasons, all aimed at maintaining and improving a country’s military readiness and capabilities. These exercises involve the coordinated and simulated deployment of military forces, equipment, and strategies. Here are some key reasons why military exercises are conducted:

  1. Training and Readiness: Military exercises serve as crucial training opportunities for military personnel. They allow troops to practice and refine their skills, tactics, and procedures in realistic scenarios. This helps ensure that soldiers are well-prepared to respond effectively to various threats and challenges.
  2. Testing Equipment: Exercises provide a platform for testing and evaluating new equipment, weapons, and technologies in a controlled environment. This helps identify any issues or improvements needed before these assets are deployed in real-world situations.
  3. Coordination and Interoperability: Many military exercises involve joint or multinational forces. These exercises enhance the ability of different military branches or allied nations to work together seamlessly. Interoperability among various units and countries is crucial for effective response to complex security situations.
  4. Crisis Management: Military exercises allow military and civilian leadership to practice crisis management and decision-making processes. This includes testing communication systems, command structures, and emergency response protocols.
  5. Deterrence: Visible and well-publicized military exercises can serve as a deterrent to potential adversaries. By showcasing military capabilities, a country can discourage aggression and maintain stability in its region.
  6. Skill Enhancement: Military exercises provide an opportunity for soldiers, officers, and leaders to refine their skills under realistic conditions. This includes everything from marksmanship and combat maneuvers to strategic planning and logistics.
  7. Adapting to New Threats: As security threats evolve, military exercises can help the armed forces adapt their strategies and tactics accordingly. This ensures that military readiness remains relevant in a changing geopolitical landscape.
  8. Public Demonstrations: Some military exercises are conducted with the intention of demonstrating a country’s military prowess to its own citizens and the international community. These displays of strength can have diplomatic and political implications.
  9. Capacity Building: For countries with smaller or less advanced militaries, participating in joint exercises with larger and more capable allies can contribute to capacity building. This involves sharing knowledge, training, and resources to enhance the overall defense capabilities of the smaller nation. Indian Military Exercises 2023
  10. Research and Development: Military exercises can inform research and development efforts by highlighting areas where new technologies or improvements are needed. Lessons learned during exercises can guide future investments in defense systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q: What are military exercises? Ans: Military exercises are planned and coordinated activities that involve the deployment of armed forces to practice and enhance their readiness, skills, and interoperability in various scenarios.

Q: Why does India conduct military exercises? Ans: India conducts military exercises to ensure its armed forces are well-prepared, trained, and capable of effectively responding to a range of security challenges. These exercises help in training, testing equipment, and improving coordination. Indian Military Exercises 2023 .

Q: How often does India conduct military exercises? Ans: India conducts military exercises throughout the year. Some are held annually, while others are conducted periodically to address specific training needs and security concerns.

Q: Are these exercises conducted with other countries? Ans: Yes, India often conducts joint military exercises with other countries to enhance interoperability and strengthen diplomatic ties. These exercises involve various nations’ armed forces working together in coordinated scenarios.

Q: Which countries does India commonly conduct joint exercises with? Ans: India conducts joint exercises with a variety of countries. Some frequent partners include the United States, Russia, France, Australia, and countries from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

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