NDA Cadets Salary, Job Profile and Promotions.

Hello viewers! today we bring about for you guys, the NDA Cadets Salary, Job Profile and Promotions. All about the salary, allowances and promotions will be provided to you in this same article. We as being a coaching institute are trying our best to support you with all your preparations. So we strive hard to provide you with the motivation you require for dreaming high. Major Kalshi Classes is big name in the arena of Defence coaching institutes. Hence, you can join us to get all the content and materials required to keep you updated and ongoing with your preparations.

Coming towards today’s topic i.e. NDA Cadets Salary, Job Profile and Promotions we would like to exaggerate first of all that NDA is an examination that selects the candidates for recruitment into all the three wings of the Indian Army that are Military, Navy and Air Force.

NDA Cadets Salary, Job Profile and Promotions.

Being an officer in the armed forces has always been like a dream come true. Not just because of the Social security it provides but also because the Financial grades are really good in these jobs. As well as the aspiring candidates dream to be a part of these three armed forces of the nation not only for these securities but also to serve the nation. Henceforth it is a highly respectable and struggle worthy job, that can provide you not only the social and financial security support. But it will also help you serve the Nation, being a part of the Armed Forces.

If you were looking for the Payscale, salary and allowances along with the grade pay of the NDA officers. To remind you, its just the right place where you have landed upon. Talking about the pay benefits, they begin as soon as the Candidate is selected for the training period. As a trainee, an NDA qualified candidate is provided with a sum total of 21000 rs. per month. This money is provided to them during their training in the three Academies namely- Indian Military Academy(IMA), Indian Naval Academy(INA) and Air Force Academy(AFA) where they get joint pre-commissioned training before admissions into respective service academies.

After the completion of the training, these officers are now posted as the Lieutenant in the Indian Army, as a sub-lieutenant in the Indian Navy and as a Flying Officer in the Air Force.

NDA Cadets Salary, Payscale:-

The NDA cadets salary at these respective posts starts from around 55,000 rs. approximately for a training period of three years at the same post. The allowances and NDA cadets salary is tabulated as below:-

Rank Grade Pay in Rupees Rank Pay
Lieutenant 5,400/- 15,600—39,100/-
Captain 6,100/- 15,600—39,100/-
Major 6,600/- 15,600—39,100/-
Lieutenant Colonel 8,000/- 37,400—67,000/-
Colonel 8,700/- 37,400—67,000/-
Brigadier 8,900/- 37,400—67,000/-
Major General 10,000/- 37,400—67,000/-
Lieutenant General HAG Scale 67,000/–79,000/-
HAG+Scale 75,500/- 80,000/-
VCOAS/Army Cdr/ Lieutenant General (NFSG) 80,000/-
COAS 90,000/- (fixed)

Note A fixed sum of total 6000 Rs. per month is provided as a Military service Pay(MSP) fixed amount to the officers from Lieutenant up to Brigadier.

Rank Pay Band and Allowances in Rupees:-

    • The officers of rank from Lieutenant to Major are paid a total of 15600 to 39100 rupees per month.
    • Officers from the post of Lt. Colonel to Major General are paid a total of 37400 up to 67000 rs per month.
    • The rank wise salary of the officers from HAG Scale( Admissible to 1/3rd of the total strength of Lt. Gens) are allowed a total of 75,500/- with annual increment of 3% – 80,000.
    • VCO / AS / Army Cadre / Lt Gen (NFSG) rank has a fixed salary of 80,000 rupees.
    • While the chief of the Army Staff has a fixed salary of 90,000 per month.

Qualification Pay to NDA cadet officers:-

Rank/Position of the Officer Qualification Pay (in Rupees)
Master Aviation Instructor 500/- p.m.
Senior Aviation Instructor Class I 400/- p.m.
Senior Aviation Instructor Class II 280/- p.m.
Aviators holding Master Green Card 400/- p.m.
Aviators holding Green Card 280/- p.m.

Allowances to the NDA cadet Officers:-

Including the above-given scale pays, the officers are entitled to have the following types of allowances:-

  • Officers are provided with a Kit maintenance allowance of Rs. 400/- p.m.
  • Other than this a Dearness Allowance is applied to the normal citizen Gazetted officers at the same price as above and same conditions also.
  • A Uniform allowance is availed for officers for a one time kit at rs 14000 along with rs 3000 in every three years.
  •  A transport allowance at Rupees 3200 per+ DA per month A1 class for A class cities along with rupees 1600+DA per month for other places will be allowed to the officers.
  • In the area wise posting, the field area officers are allowed a total of Rs. 6,780/- to Rs. 8,400/- p.m for Highly Active Field Area Allowance. Whereas a total of Rs. 4,200/- to Rs. 5,200/- p.m. is allowed as Compensatory Field Area Allowance and a sum of Rs. 1,600/- to Rs. 2,000/- p.m. is given for Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance.
  • Reviewing in a nutshell structure, the Total Compensation for officers in NDA is Rank Pay Band+Grade Pay+ Qualification Pay+MSP +Allowances.

NDA Cadets Officers Promotions:-

Promotions/Rank Promotion Time
Lieutenant On Commission
Captain 02 Years
Major 06 years
Lieutenant Colonel 13 Year
Colonel(Selection) 15 years
Colonel (Time Scale) 26 years
Brigadier On Selection
Major General On Selection
Lieutenant General On Selection
General On Selection
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