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If you are defence aspirant and want to serve the nation as a Soldier or officer you might have been looking for the Best defence Coaching in India. finding the best defence coaching in India can be really tough, here I  will solve your problem, I will tell you about the Best defence Coaching in India and will also share the success story of our students who have recently qualified the Exam and now they are on training. NDA coaching in India, CDS coaching in India, AFCAT coaching in India, defence coaching in India

Best Defence Coaching In India- Major Kalshi Classes:-

As I said earlier also that, every coaching in India demands that they are the best, coaching becomes best only when that coaching Institute gives the maximum selection, that shows the hard work of the coaching and the teachers, Major Kalshi classes known for the Highest selection of the candidate into the defence. Major Kalshi classes are located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. People from the various States come here for defence coaching and pursue their dreams.

Major Klashi classes also provide the Hostel facilities to their students only, Students from other states or other cities can stay there, they might charge a little bit for the hostel. Major kalshi known for the Coaching of NDA, CDS, AFCAT,AIR FORCE, NAVY, IMA, OTA, TES, TGC, UES, SSC(T), LOGISTICS, EDUCATION, PILOT, OBSERVER, NCC WSES, JAG, AEC, SSC,TA, ACC, SCO, PCSL,CWS, HET, CPF, COAST GUARD  etc.

We have one 0f the best faculty for each subject and very experienced teacher every subject and for the SSB interview Retd. Defence officers are working with us, they teach our students every day, they say, if you want to clear the SSB interview, you will have to implement the habits of Officers in yourself, SSB interview is not something which you prepare in 2-3 months. we have officers from each wing of the Defence like Indian Air force, Indian Navy and Indian Army, etc.

Retired Wing Commander K.P.Thakur (Indian air force)
Retired Captain Mr. S.K.Singh (Indian Army)
Retired Group Captain L.K.Pandey (Indian Air force)
Retired Colonel Pankaj Malhotra ( Indian Army)

These are the Officers are working with us to prepare the students for the Defence exams. You can check our Youtube channel As Major Kalshi Classes, we have shared the interview of these officers and what they have given the tips and trick for the SSB interview.

If you are a defence lover and want to serve the nation as an officer or Soldier or any other post, you must have to be medically fit, and Our Coaching institute conducts free medical checkups for our candidates and Major Kalshi classes have its own hospital for the checkups. NDA coaching in India, CDS coaching in India, AFCAT coaching in India, defence coaching in India

Benefits of Studying at Major Kalshi Classes:-

We are not here to cover or complete your syllabus, we will work with you, our staff focuses on each student individually, we will Guide through everything regarding the defence. we have some special things in our coaching which other coaching did not do:-

  • Experienced Faculties
  • Orientation Session
  • Doubt Removal Sessions
  • Physical Training
  • Medical Checkup Camp
  • No. 1 GTO Training
  • Screening & Psychology
  • Mock Test
  • Orientation Session at MKC:-

For every student, orientation is their first chance to meet everyone. Administrators, directors, and staff welcome new students and conduct information sessions, student support sessions, and introduction session.  The orientation session also helps students feel excited about a new journey and the independence that comes with it.

The orientation session allows students to know the call of the time and what their motherland wants them to become. We at Major Kalshi Classes make them understand that they are the backbone of the nation and prepare them mentally and physically powerful to cope with the challenges that our great nation may face. It is periodically taken by Mr. Saurabh Singh, a nationally renowned motivator who fills the aspirants with Patriotism that leads them to certain selection as their all psychological fears are expunged and they turn into lion-hearted youth ready to accept any challenge.

Doubt Removal Sessions at MKC-

Doubt Removal Session at Major Kalshi Classes is a one to one discussion session between the teacher and the student. Here, students can put any type of query related to any subject and get answers. Our institute has a team of well-educated and highly experienced teachers. Each of them holds specialization in their respective subjects. Be it Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge, English, Current Affairs, or Reasoning, students can ask/discuss any doubts related to any of these subjects. Major Kalshi Classes organizes most of the extra classes on Sundays. Attend our classes to understand the in-detailed concept and quick way to solve the query in minimum time.

Physical Training at MKC

The main purpose of Major Kalshi Classes is to build physical fitness, confidence, and activeness among youth and help them join defence services with full discipline and dignity. Our Physical Training Sessions focus on developing effective knowledge, courage, and a sense of responsibility to each and every student by providing adequate training for facing any competition.

Medical Checkup Camp at MKC

It is mandatory for each and every student to undergo screening periodically to ascertain any physical disorder. It helps the students to detect their physical issues in advance and overcome their shortfalls. To be a part of defence services, candidates are expected to be physically and medically fit in order to protect the border and serve the country. By attending Medical Camp at Major Kalshi Classes, students can identify and detect their health issues and focus on improving with the aim to meet the physical and medical standard requirements in SSB interview.

Our doctors are well-qualified, experienced, and well-aware with the physical and medical standards required in the defence sector.

No. 1 GTO Training:-

We have well qualified and expert psychologists to screen the mental intelligence and analyze the psychological to screen the mental intelligence and analyze the psychological equilibrium of each and every candidate who is made acquainted with his merits and demerits, to do what is needful in the matter. In this part, not only his body language but also his posture and parlance are improved. We induce great confidence in him. After knowing all the ins and outs of the psychological aspects and eradicating his own lacunas, An aspirant of SSB goes out brimming with confidence to serve the motherland unto death.

Our experts prepare students for screening and psychology test, including TAT, WAT, and SRT and enhance their confidence to help them perform well in SSB psychology tests.

Do’s In Screening And Psychology Test
  • Listen to the instructions carefully.
  • Clarify all the doubts before starting.
  • Be as imaginative as possible.
  • Write your response in a simple and easy to understand language.
  • Give your first reactions. Do not give preference to second thought as there is no right and no wrong answers to the situations.
  • Be realistic and logical.
  • Be attentive and alert.
Don’ts In Screening And Psychology Test
  • Do not use tutored ideas.
  • Do not be over-confident. Just keep calm and relaxed.
  • Do not feel shy on seeing the actual problem shown to you.
  • Avoid wearing watch or do not look for a time as it may end up wasting your precious time.

Screening and psychology test are not just about mental intelligence, but also about body language, posture, and parlance. We induce great confidence in students. After knowing all the ins and outs of the psychological test, we prepare aspirants for serving the motherland unto death.

Mock Test:-

Our coaching institute conducts the mock test before the final exam, you can also take part in this. for this, you can check the official website of Major Klashi classes  or you can directly apply at

this is the best quality of this coaching institute, this is the coaching knowns as Best Defence Coaching in India. NDA coaching in India, CDS coaching in India, AFCAT coaching in India, defence coaching in India.

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This is all about Best Defence Coaching In India- Major Kalshi Classes. If you guys want to serve for the nation and wanted to clear the Defence examination, can join Major Kalshi Classes, Here we have experienced faculty for all the subjects. For more inquiries, you can call us at 9696220022 and 9696330033 or go to our official website Thank you.