Success Story: Chandresh Singh on clearing NDA 1 2018 SSB Interview in his first attempt!

Following are some of the Highlights of the Interview conducted by Major Kalshi Classes on his journey of becoming a lieutenant in the Indian Armed Forces.

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Preparation to qualify for SSB –

My Father was an Air Force Officer so since childhood I grew up in an environment related to all things about the Indian Armed Forces and I always had that feeling of becoming just like my father which made me realize that if I had that opportunity to become one, I will readily accept it. But, the serious thought of joining the Indian Armed Forces came to me after completing my 12th. I also gave a couple of engineering exams but my scores in them were not optimum enough.
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Eventually, I followed my passion and joined Major Kalshi Classes with full dedication and concentration. I stopped all the things I was doing which were not related to my studies. To clear SSB, I thoroughly searched and viewed all the videos in Youtube and applied them in the SSB Classes held in Major Kalshi.

Chandresh joined our 6 months NDA Premium Batch in August 2017. 

I completed my 12th in April 2017. After that I decided to join Major Kalshi Classes which was in July. I undertook the six month course here because I was eligible only for two more attempts, first was in September 2017 and second in April 2018.”

“My Parents had a key role in successfully qualifying the exam. They motivated me and they never put pressure on me.”

Guidance given by MKC’s faculty –

“Whenever I had a doubt after class, the teachers present on the doubt counters welcomed me every time whenever I approached to them. They were happy to see that daily students are appearing with to them with new doubts which also encouraged us to study more. Complete solutions of the past 10 years NDA papers were solved which earnestly helped me to be more comfortable with the chapters and the topics which are coming in the NDA papers for the past few years.” 

“The syllabus was NDA is vast but if you take a closer look and partially divide all the topics that takes more time to solve but are coming in the exams for lesser marks, you’ll get those topics which are effective to score and easy to understand. All of these things must be planned with very the utmost focus.”

SSB Experience –

First of all, I want to say that being as a fresher in SSB Interview, it is the best chance for an aspirant to clear SSB. There are separate batches for a repeater and a fresher. So my group had all fresher candidates and because due to my rigorous preparation of SSB, I knew that the purpose of conducting this type of long and arduous Interview Process is to see that whether the candidate has that 15 OLQs or not, like if there is a task that needs teamwork exercise, you have to know that this is the task where I have to show my teamwork talent. Be Confident and habituate Positive Thinking. These are the most basic and important key to qualify SSB.”

Best feature of MKC –

I really like the books that were made here by their own publication. Books made here have questions that are double the level of difficulty of questions coming in the actual paper of NDA. If an aspirant properly solves the questions present in the books then the chances of clearing the written exam for him are very high. Especially Mathematic book and Tips and Tricks given by the teachers are very helpful. Overall, the rumor about clearing SSB is tough is nothing if one completely and deeply prepare for it.”    

Physical Exercises conducted by MKC aided me to build my stamina and Online Test Series/Monthly Test Series both helped me to strengthen my concepts to those topics which I had previously scored bad marks. The 6 month course here at MKC smartly divides the entire topics into few per months which allowed me to concentrate only on those topics which had their monthly tests.”

Advice to other aspirants –

“Dedication is the key. If you’re not dedicated enough, you’ll know it yourself”

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