Why Defence Service is Most Demanding Profession for Youth

Defence in India is very big and 2nd highest recruiter of candidates in this sector, Youth is highly passionate about this service because of the respect and pay & allowances they get, no other sector in India provides that. Here in this article, we will discuss why youths are interested in defence, why defence service is demanding, why youth want to join the defence etc.

Why Defence Service is Most Demanding Profession for Youth:-

Defence service is most demanding in India because we love our country more than our lives, we can handle our insult but we cannot handle our nation’s insult. it is all because the youngsters of our nations want to serve the nation. they are very highly passionate about the service in defence.

Why youths are interested in defence:-

As we all know we were slaves of Britishers till 1947, after the independence the heroes of independence who fought for the freedom of our country and sacrifice their lives for us. these things motivate the youths to join the defence and serve the nation. this is the only profession in India, where you can use the real guns, bombs, and tankers which we see in games and movies. these things look very heroic and youths want to do these things. you can join the defence right after the 12th and can become an officer in defence after 5 years of training. you will be financially independent at a very young age. this is one of the major reasons for youths’ interest in India defence service.

Why defence service is demanding:-

If I speak honestly about this topic then, few people have a passion for the defence they don’t look at pay and perks of defence, they just want to serve the nation. few of the candidates look at the pay and perks and creat passion for the defence, defence service is highly demanding because of youths of India right after the graduation everybody wants to become officers in defence. that is the main reason for demanding of defence. Indian Defence service is one of the best among the top 10 professions in India. The officers in Defence live like King. the pay, perks and allowance that defence personnel gets, no other profession pay this much, defence officers and soldiers get everything for free like ration, clothes, water, electricity, hospital service, education for their children, traveling allowance and dearness allowance, etc. these are things which you can only get in defence sector. this is the main reason why defence service is demanding.

Why youth want to join the defence:-

Everybody has a passion for the defence, each and every student in childhood have been thinking about joining the Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian air force. everybody wants to use those weapons which they see only in games and television, youths do not care about their lives, they just want to do this that it. the richest person in the country cannot buy the tanker which is costs around 3 hundred crores, and youths join the defence to use those things for free. Indian Defence Service takes care of your family more than you.

These things cannot be said why youths want to die for the nation. this is just passion for the nation. people think that the life of the soldiers is tough, I am sorry to say but they live one of the lives in the world, they know the real value of friendship, they do not leave their friends till the last breath, they know the teamwork, they stay away from this bullshit social media and enjoy their life with their mates and party every night, they get  huge respect from the society, they actually deserves that respect. they sacrifice their life us. I do not even know who died for me today on the border.  I also want to join the defence but due to some medical issues I could not join the defence, if you are fit and eligible you must go for the defence. the life of a warrior cannot be said in one word.

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