Success Story: Kumar Harshwardhan on clearing two SSB Interviews (NDA & Army TES)

Success Story – Major Kalshi Classes proudly congratulates Kumar Harshwardhan S/O Shri Shitanshu Kumar on adding one more feather to MKC’s cap by clearing SSB Interview of NDA 142 Course and Army TES 41. He has cleared Medical examination as well and his military training shall start on 2nd July 2019 subject to Merit List. Major Kalshi Classes is proud of Kumar Harshwardhan and wishes him a glorious future.

Below are some excerpt from the full conversation on Kumar Harshwardhan Success Story. Full video is available on our Youtube Channel.

Question.1) What was your NDA Preparation Strategy?

“I followed my selective preparation for Maths Paper. Remembering all the long formulas and mathematical equations was difficult for me. So, I made my preparations organized and planned. My primary aim was to pass the cut off marks and therefore I never planned to attempt all the questions. Something to 40-45 questions in the first paper was my aim.”

 “I knew that in GAT paper, English is the most scoring subject so fully prepared in the English area while keeping my General Awareness strong. Any aspirant can attempt 80-85 questions in this paper and that is enough to clear the written examination.”

“Selective/Planned Preparation is better than the full syllabus preparation.”


Question.2) What was going through your mind in SSB Interview?

“My NDA SSB started from 23rd March 2019 and the reporting was for 56 candidates. After screening and conference, 3 of us got recommended. I remember that in psychology test, the time bound pressure was very high and even to think and write a smart response was crucial. But in interview, I got the chance to verbally present myself directly in front of the officers.”

“I showcased more of my positive side than negative in the interview.”

“I knew that in GTO tasks, one can have the most assisted and more helpful amount of interaction with the respective GTO officer. GTO tasks are held for 2 days which means the Group Testing Officer has the highest amount of chance to interpret you to the fullest.”

“One thing I’d like to say that during the 5 Day SSB Process, there will be number of candidates who boast very much about their coaching and performances. If that candidate is your group mate, remember that your competition is not with him/her. Basic thing is that if you’re up to the mark you’ll get selected and the same thing goes for them too.”


Questions.3) What do you is the difference between NDA SSB and TES SSB?

“The selection process is same for every entry but in TES entry, the assessors there are much more interested is the technical aspect because it is natural for the aspirant at TES to apply for the technical wing after getting recommended in TES entry. So, in TES SSB technical qualities like whether you can cope up with the training or not are seen in the candidate.”

“In Army TES SSB, 263 of us reported there and after the screening process on the 5th day, only 2 got recommended including me.”


Questions.4) In your opinion, what distinguishes a candidate from others in SSB?

“I have previously appeared for NDA 141 SSB which helped me in my SSB selection in Army TES. I think the candidate needs to understand the exact qualities that the assessors look in the candidate. Above all, the candidate needs to be aware of the OLQs which has to be shown at all times in front of the assessors.”


Questions.5) Describe your experience gained in 14 Day SSB Course in MKC.

“I got a lot of awareness about SSB Procedure via the classes in MKC. Especially in Psych tests, SSB teachers helped me in writing the story while conveying the message that I need to write on, they taught me to tackle the question in each of the tests. K.P Thakur sir was there to interview us. He told us what kind of questions can be asked and how to give the answers to those questions that can help us to get selected. He solved all of our queries regarding the cross questioning, dress pattern, sitting behaviour, speaking pattern, etiquettes and many basic things. “

“The main thing I learned here is the response one should give in Group Discussion. In PPDT, GD is there and the presence of 15-20 guys in one group elevates the tension which only a calm and confident student can handle. How to showcase you quality among all these candidates is very important which was also told to us by K.P Thakur sir.”

“Talking and sitting with so many students (40-45) in one batch gave me immense confidence. Overall, I can say that my experience in MKC was something like the procedures in SSB. Most helpful being in GD and Lecturette because in Lecturette, General Awareness matters the most and the classes held in MKC really helped to strengthen my General Knowledge.”


Harsh told us it was an obvious choice to choose NDA over Army TES. He said that the respect a NDA candidate get is ‘inevitable’ and cannot be compared to OTA. His Roll No. – NDA 02/2018 – 0213239 | Army TES 41- 124213

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Once again, we congratulate Kumar Harshwardhan for achieving this impossible feat and wish him luck for his future endeavors. To see the full interview of his Success Story conversing with us, visit our Youtube account or follow us on Instagram.

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