What are the GK Questions in SSB that the Interviewer can ask?

SSB interview is a very crucial stage of the selection process, These are 5 days of detail SSB Interview process in which you have to go through the various stage tasks and interview. But on day 4 you have to appear for a Personal Interview. In PI there are many questions asked. They can ask for your family background, area of interest, and your goal in the near future. They basically check the personality that you fit for the defence environment or not. Here we are going to present some GK Questions in SSB which can be asked by the Interviewer?

Some GK Questions in SSB

The interviewer will ask many types of questions. Some questions may be related to your area of interest some may be related to current affairs basically defence current affairs. So be ready with major current affairs around the world and India. They can ask questions about International Relations. Like Indo-Pak Relations, Indo-China Relation. And the current issue is Indi-Afgan relations. Let’s see the possible questions that can be asked in the SSB Interview.

  1. What is the India-Afganistan issue?
  2. What is S-400 and its usese?
  3. How to deal with China and Pakistan simultaneously ?
  4. What is Pegasus Spyware?
  5. Type of defence missile in army
  6. how many tank india have
  7. Give the name of Army Commonds
  8. Work of CDS
  9. When is the Indian army / navy / airforce day celebrated ?
  10.  Tell about the AGNI missile
  11.  what is meant by IOR?
  12. what is G-force? what is its significance to a pilot?
  13. What are some of the mountain ranges in India?
  14. Tell us about Siachen glacier.
  15. what are the farthest places in India in the 4 directions?
  16. State Bernoulli’s equation?
  17. What types of aircraft are used by the airforce?
  18. State Archimedes’s principle and its significance to the navy.
  19. What type of ships does the navy use?
  20. how many commands does the navy have and where are they?
  21. Do you know about article 370?
  22. what is the supersonic missile of India? tell about it
  23. Describe India’s physical features
  24. State law of motions with daily life example
  25. What is DRDO?
  26. Can you tell about IGMDP?
  27. Name at least 5 regiments of the Indian army.
  28.  Explain resistance, current, voltage? what is the relation?
  29.  Give few Indigenously made equipment name
  30.  What is DAC ? who is the chairperson?
  31.  Can  you name some PSU which assists defence production?
  32.  What is AWACS?
  33.  Which countries border India, tell from west to east?
  34.  What are the water bodies around India?
  35.  Name the states along the coastline of India from west to east?
  36.  Tell About ISRO
  37.  What is ISRO significance to the armed forces
  38. Do you know about gallantry awards?
  39.  What is  primary weapon used by Indian soldiers?
  40.  what is honorary rank army /navy/airforce? who got it?
  41.  What are the river sources of India? name some west flowing and east flowing rivers?
  42.  What are the layers of the atmosphere ? relate its use  to armed forces.
  43. Tell about the special forces of the Indian armed forces.

These are the GK Questions in SSB which can be asked by the Interviewer in your SSB personal Interview. So prepare well for these topics.

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Be Positive during SSB Interview

It is proven scientifically that a positive personality helps you get many good habits and traits. Being positive all the time can help you with the proper functioning of your mind and body. It’s rightly said, “Be natural in the SSB Interview and you have more chances of getting selected.” So, building this personality is essential for the SSB Interview. 

Advantages of Building a positive personality:

A positive Personality not only helps you in the SSB Interview but also in many aspects of life. Qualities like Flexibility, intervention, acceptance, mindfulness add up to your nature with the help of a positive attitude. A person becomes capable of understanding the differences between negative and positive aspects. This quality also helps in clearing the SRT examination of the SSB Interview because it helps you to take the right decision at the given instance. 

What is Positive Personality all about?

A positive personality is something that no teacher can ever teach. Taking an example, there are two situations if a person fails. The negative personality says “I will not repeat the same because I failed in it” and this leads to no improvement in results but the positive side says, “I am the master of my own failures and how will I learn if I don’t fail” thinking like these takes the person to a whole upper level.

A positive attitude will help you make a dream and achieve it with continuous hard work and preparations, it helps you to develop a practical approach to think and do anything.

How is Positive Personality related to SSB Interview?

SSB is the whole game of judging candidate psychology. Thousands of candidates go for SSB but only a few of them qualify, it’s because the psychologist in the SSB Interview test the personality that you showcased during many different tasks.

The psychological tasks given by candidates are to check their nature and personality in an extreme situation with huge pressure. This is the place where your positive personality will help you answer correctly and qualify the stage. A persona with a positive outcome will give the best solution to the worst condition and that’s where he grasps the place and wins over other candidates.

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