Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA & CDS

Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS etc. – For students who are preparing for competitive exams like AFCAT, CDS and NDA, it is highly important to read newspapers and competitive exams books on a regular basis in order to improve their General Knowledge. Also, they should try to solve previous year question papers to sharpen their mind. When it comes to competitive exams like SSB, AFCAT, NDA and CDS, one line questions and rapid fire type questions related to GK are highly important. There are some Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS etc. that candidates need to answer.

Here, we bring a list of Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS for students to help them score good marks in the upcoming exams. If you are preparing for any of these exams, simply go through all these Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS and improve your chances to get selected in a proficient manner.

Let’s check out the list of Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS and respective answers for competitive exams below:

  1. Modula oblongata is a part of – Brain
  2. Mohiniyattam is a dance form of which state? Kerala
  3. Who was Prithviraj Chauhan’s father? Someshwar Chauhan
  4. Who wrote “Ignitted Minds”? A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  5. Who wrote “Indian Home Rule”? K Gandhi
  6. “Sultan Johar Cup” is associated with – Hockey
  7. “Long walk to Freedom” is written by – Nelson Mandela
  8. International Head Quarter of international cricket council is located in – Dubai
  9. How many schedules does Indian constitution have? 12
  10. Pune was once known as capital of – Peshawa
  11. How many Facial bones are there in body? – 14
  12. Cornitite is ore/ mineral of – Uranium
  13. What was the India’s ranking in Rio Olympics in 2016? – 67
  14. Chinnabar is ore/ mineral of – mercury
  15. Author of “Million mutinies Now” is – V S Naipaul
  16. Indian Navy act was passed in – 1927
  17. Prithvi Raj Raso poem is written by – Chand Badri
  18. “An Extra Ordinary life, An Indian Destiny” is biography of – Sonia Gandhi
  19. Mangrove trees have – Respiratory Roots
  20. Hematite is Ore/ Mineral of – Iron
  21. Largest Desert of India is – Gobi Desert
  22. Khasi tribes live in – Meghalaya
  23. Constitution day is celebrated on – 26th November
  24. Who built Jodhpur fort? – Rao Jodhaji
  25. Author of the book “Pakistan the gathering ” is – Benazir Bhutto

Hope, the above list of Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS help you score good in these exams. In addition to these Common Questions For SSB, AFCAT, NDA, CDS, we will update you soon with some of the best sets of questions because there is no end of knowledge. Having the expansion of knowledge is the best way to perform well in any exam.

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