50+ General Questions asked in SSB interview.

50+ General Questions asked in SSB interview:- Friends, I hope that you will be selected for the SSB interview to be conducted by performing well in written examination and physical ability in the Indian Army. Our best wishes to all those candidates for their golden future. After passing the written examination and physical fitness test in the Indian Army, the candidates have to prepare for the SSB interview. This exam is considered extremely difficult. Because this exam is conducted between 5 to 6 days in SSB institutes by the army commission In this test, the intellectual and physical abilities of the candidates are assessed. Many candidates appear in this examination but leave it in the middle. During the SSB interview, many types of questions are asked by the candidates.

Below we are giving information about some common questions asked in the SSB interview. With the help of which you can prepare for the SSB interview. This article can prove to be very beneficial for you. So, do read this article till the end.


50+ General Questions asked in SSB interview.

In the SSB interview, questions related to many topics are normally asked. Here we will give you information about some of the more than 50+ questions that are asked in the SSB interviews.

  1. What is Bernoulli’s theorem? How to use it?
  2. What are the names of the three Chiefs of the Army (Air Force / Navy / Army)?
  3. Which is the most extended mountain range of all the mountain ranges present in India?
  4. Why does a ship float in water? Which law is to be followed to float an object in the water? Mention in detail.
  5. How many types of submarines does India currently have?
  6. What do you mean by the three Indian Army (Air Force / Navy / Army)?
  7. The presence of the army in a country reflects which direction of that country? Can the country be safe even without the army?
  8. Name at least three weapons present in the Indian Army?
  9. What principle of science does the plane fly in the air?
  10. At present, how many types of tanks are present with the Indian Army. Name any three tanks?
    (50+ General Questions asked in SSB)
  11. Mention briefly all the wars between India and Pakistan so far?
  12. Mention the merits of India’s famous nuclear submarines?
  13. What are the major aeroplanes of the Indian Air Force? Explain their merits.
  14. What are the names of recently purchased aeroplanes from the United States of America?
  15. Who is the chief of staff of the Indian Air Force, Army, and Navy?
  16. How many types of commands are there in the Indian Army? In which places is it present?
  17. Briefly describe some of the important operations carried out by the Indian Army so far.
  18. When is Air Force Day, Army Day, and Navy Day celebrated?
  19. Share information about India’s major missile Agni.
  20. Give brief information about Siachen Glacier.
    (50+ General Questions asked in SSB)
  21. Which is the farthest place in all four directions of India?
  22. What is the G- force exerted on a plane for a pilot? How essential is it to the pilot?
  23. What types of warships and ships does the Indian Navy use for different tasks?
  24. What is the supersonic missile that India has? Give information about this missile?
  25. Which is the primary weapon used by the Indian Army?
  26. What is IOR? Mention.
  27. What is the extended name of AFSPA?
  28. Why do naval soldiers have to follow the Archimedes Rule?
  29. Why is law necessary in daily life? Explain by giving examples.
  30. Give information about the arms manufacturing organization for the Indian Army.
    (50+ General Questions asked in SSB)
  31. Do you know about IGMPD?
  32. Name at least 5 regiments present in the Indian Army?
  33. Do you get information about Article 370 of the Indian Constitution?
  34. Give information about all the physical features of India
  35. Define resistance, current, and voltage. And establish a relationship between these three.
  36. Which countries border India from the west to the east?
  37. Give brief information about Indian space research.
  38. How important ISRO is it for the Indian Army?
  39. Inform about the gallantry award given to the military forces in India. Name any three gallantry awards?
  40. Can you name some PSUs that support defence production?
    (50+ General Questions asked in SSB)
  41. What is the river source of India? What are the names of major rivers flowing in the west and east direction?
  42. How many types of layers are present in the atmosphere? How these layers useful for the Indian armed forces?
  43. Who are the honorary ranks of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force? And they have received it so far.
  44. Mention the special forces of all the armed forces of the Indian Army.
  45. What is your opinion about the modernization of the armed forces?
  46. According to you, which areas need improvement in Indian Armed Forces?
  47. What are your thoughts on the Kashmir issue?
  48. What changes do you want to bring by joining the Indian Army?
  49. who is its Chair Person DAC? What is DAC and
  50. What is AWACS? Explain it.
    (50+ General Questions asked in SSB)
  51. Which water bodies are present around India?à„€
  52. How many wars has the Indian Army fought so far? What is your opinion about the war fought with china?
  53. What types of aircraft used by aircraft?

Personal Interview

(50+ General Questions asked in SSB):- Friends, in SSB interviews these all commonly asked questions. Apart from these questions, some personal questions also asked by the employees of the Commission. Below we are giving you information about the questions asked in the personal interview during the SSB interview.

  1. What is the meaning of the name of you and all your family members?
  2. Tell me something important about the place you come from?
  3. Tell us about your three weaknesses and three strengths.
  4. Give information about a famous personality related to your area.
  5. What activities do you do in your free time?
  6. Give information about the marks and percentage you have obtained in each class.
  7. Let me know about the relationship with your friends and teachers.
  8. Tell us about your worst and best employees where you have worked or are about to work till now.
  9. What three things do you not like about your friends?
  10. Which places have you visited with your friends so far.

(50+ General Questions asked in SSB):- Friends, in SSB interview, many types of questions asked to candidates. In today’s article, we have given you some information about the questions asked during the SSB interview. I hope you find this information very beneficial. If you want to prepare for the SSB interview then join Major Kalshi classes today and proceed to clear the SSB interview.

frequently asked question ( FAQs)

  • Can the SSB interview was given in Hindi?
    Answer: –
    Yes, Hindi words can be used in SSB interviews so far. But you can use Hindi only during the personal interview
  • Does the SSB interview have family questions or not?
    Answer: – Yes, questions related to family and friends asked in the SSB interview.
  • What other questions does an SSB interview have in addition to general awareness?
    Answer: – General awareness consists of questions related to science, the army. (50+ General Questions asked in SSB)
  • What are the questions of SSB interviews in the Air Force?
    Answer: During the SSB interview, questions asked in the context of science and science of the Air Force.
  • How to clear SSB interview?
    Answer: – To clear the SSB interview, first of all, the candidates required to have knowledge about English subjects and general awareness.
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