10 CAA Related Questions that might be asked in SSB Interview

CAA Related Questions and Answers for SSB Interview

It is very important to get updated with the recent news and Current affairs etc. when you are appearing for the SSB Interview. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details regarding the CAA Question that Might be asked in SSB Interview. Top 10 CAA related questions,  CAA questions for SSB Interview. I will share with the best question that can be asked in the SSB Interview. To get complete information regarding the questions related to the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). check the complete article below:

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10 CAA Related Questions that might be asked in SSB Interview:

The SSB Interview is tough to clear if you do not prepare for this in a good manner. There are no particular subjects fixed for the SSB Interview. Any questions can be asked from any portion or any subjects. It is better to get updated with all the recent news and incident happened in India as well as other countries also. You can also buy the books from the market for the Current affairs preparation of  SSB Interview. There are also many online portals where you can actually learn about the SSB Interview and they will give you the complete guidance regarding this.

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Major Kalshi classes are one of them. You can visit our websites for regular updates regarding the current affairs. Our Institute has also designed the Best books for the SSB Interview. you can also check those books to get prepared well for this. If you want to check the recent current affairs of which has happened in India and still a burning topic of Debate.  The CAA and NRC, these both the topics are currently very active and in all the examination that is about to be conducted soon. Most of the questions will be asked from the CAA and NRC in the General Knowledge and Current affairs section.

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Now let’s see the Question related to the CAA that can be asked in the SSB Interview as well as other exams. you can check the list below:

Top 10 questions related to CAA for SSB Interview:

Here is the list of top 10 questions that can be asked in the SSB Interview or any Other exams which have General Knowledge or Current affairs section.

Is CAA is Related to the NRC?
– No NRC is not part of CAA, CAA is the Citizenship Amendment Act. The CAA is a Law and NRC is a process.

Do Indian Muslims need to worry about the CAA+NRC?
– Yes, the Government has decided to give Citizenship to Non-Muslims only through the CAA and Muslim citizens will have to prove their identity while the NRC process to get Citizenship. If they couldn’t prove their Identity of being Indian, they will be stateless until they prove their Identity.

Will NRC be for the People of any Particular religion?
– No, the NRC has Nothing to do with the religion. NRC will be for all the people of India. But if the Non-Muslim people couldn’t get to prove their identity, they already have the Citizenship on the Basis of CAA, But the Muslims will have to prove to get the Identity.

Will people be excluded from NRC on the Basis on the basis of religion?
– No NRC is not based on any particular religion, It would be held at the National level and everybody will have to prove their identity to get registered in the National Register of Citizenship.

How is Citizenship Decided? Will it be in the hand of Government.
Citizenship is given in India as per the rules of the Government. There is five mains point to give citizenship to any people:

  • Citizenship by Birth,
  • Citizenship by descent,
  • Citizenship by registration,
  • Citizenship by naturalization,
  • Citizenship by incorporation

Will I have to Give the Prove of my parent’s Documents to get Citizenship?
The Government has not taken any Decision or not given such a statement regarding the Documents required to prove the Identity.

During the NRC, Will be asked to present the old Documents to prove the Identity?
The Government or any authority has not given any statement or has not made any rule for this Particular. The NRC has not come into the process yet. According to the Assam Rule, the Aadhaar Card and Voter ID will not be accepted as proof of Citizenship.

What if a person is illiterate and does not have relevant documents?
As per the rule of Citizenship, he/she will have to produce the Witnesses of his/her citizenship.

Do I have to have the Ancestor Documents to prove my citizenship?
The Rule of National Wide NRC has not been made yet. The NRC that has done Assam, The people of Assam had to give the certificate of Ancestor to prove their identity.

What will happen to the people who do not have any Documents to prove the Identity?
If a Person couldn’t prove their identity, he/she will be kept in Detention Center as per the rules of Assam NRC Unless/until he/she produces a valid document or witness to prove Identity.

There are all the questions related to the CAA-NRC, that might be asked in the SSB Interview or other Competitive exams that has general Knowledge or Current affairs portion.

These all the information, I have Collected from some articles and newspapers. None of the lines are my personal. Do not get divided on the basis of religion. Be the Indian First. I Suggest every student that please read the CAA Act then take any decision about NRC and CAA If the Interviewer asks any questions related to CAA or NRC then give them the answer as the rule written in the Bill and do not give the answer on the basis of religion you follow.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat


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