Tips for GD (Group Discussion) in Air force Navy Examination

The Group Discussion is a very important part of the Indian Armed forces. All the candidates who have decided to join the Indian Armed forces, he/she will have to face the group discussion round. Here in this article, I will share with you the Tips to Qualify the Group Discussion, What is Group Discussion, tricks to qualify GD and How important this is in the Air force and Navy, etc. I will share these topics in detail and will give you complete information regarding this and will also guide you about how to clear GD of Air force and Navy etc. To get complete information, check the article below:

Importance of English in GD and how to improve it for Group Discussion

Tips for GD (Group Discussion) in Airforce navy Examination:

If a candidate appears for any examination of the Indian Air force or Navy. he or she will have to face the Group Discussion at some stage. In order to clear the Group Discussion in a better way. a candidate must practice every day. You can choose any random topic and can speak over that. try to speak in front of others and try to make them understand your points.

A person would be called the best speaker if he/she can present their views in a better manner.  In the Group Discussion of defense exams. The Examiner will make a group of 4-5 candidates and will them a topic and all the candidates have to discuss that topic and have to find a brief summary at last, which is also called Conclusion.

Tips to clear Navy GD– There are no perfect tricks to clear this unless you do the better practice. You can join the coaching institutes that can prepare you better for that. Your presentation also does matter a lot in the Group Discussions. you must enhance your personality and your way of speaking, Try to complete your sentences in fewer words.  There are many institutes that give the coaching for the Group Discussion and personality development also.

Group Discussion Tips for Air Force X and Y

Your way of speaking does matter a lot in the discussion. Make sure that you do not stammer while speaking. it cannot be the reason for rejection but it creates a bad impression. You should always try to be the first one to start the discussion. Here are some tips I have given below that you should always remember while doing the group Discussion.

Group Discussion tips and tricks:

  • Prove your point.
  • Never Point Finger while speaking.
  • Conclude some genuine points in the Discussion.
  • Try to complete your sentences in less time.
  • Never do cross-question while the discussion going on.
  • Always wait for your turn.
  • Never interrupt anyone while he/she speaking.
  • Learn Some new words and use them in the discussion.
  • Try to give a Unique Answer.
  • Give relevant answers.

There are many books available in the market that gives you sufficient knowledge about the Group Discussion. You can also buy them. But if you are already good at speaking and can present your topic in a better way. You can prepare for this from the Internet. The best way to prepare for the Group Discussion is to get updated from the current affairs. In the Air force GD or Indian Navy GD, they always give a recent topic for discussion. I will give you an idea about How to clear Air force GD. 

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Develop a habit of reading magazines and daily newspapers to score well in the General Knowledge section. Thankfully, now students have access to the internet and different mobile applications, which they can use to check the daily news even when traveling. You can download such apps on your smartphones.

Try to stay updated regarding the recent things and incidents that had happened in India as well as other countries. Start Watching the Defense news and keep updated yourself with that. Most of the time, in the defense exam, they give you the topic related to defense. While doing the Discussion try to give some genuine points and conclude better at last.

At the last of the Discussion, All the candidates have to collect some conclusions and have to give brief details about, what they got to understand and what they concluded from the Discussion.  Try to prepare your English, sometimes English creates a better impression.  To prepare for the English section, you need to read as much as you can. Reader’s Digest, The Hindu Editorials and other magazines are some options to improve your reading and English section.

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