Group Discussion Tips for Air Force X and Y

GD or Group Discussion at SSB Interview is conducted to judge verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, body language and much more. It is an important part of Stage 2 which cannot be neglected. GD round is conducted to check the way you speak, how you speak and what you speak in order to judge your knowledge and personality. Having knowledge about current affairs is one of the best ways to leave a good impact and clear the GD round. In addition to this, check out various Indian Air force X and Y group GD tips to crack the SSB interview.

Indian Air force X and Y Group GD Tips and Tricks

  • Understand: Before speaking, understand the topic first.
  • Speak: Do not interrupt if someone else is speaking. Wait for your turn or make your chance to speak.
  • Initiate: Take the initiative to start the discussion.
  • Structure: Structure your arguments logically and give examples to justify your statement.
  • Summaries: Summaries the discussion.
  • Involve: Involve in GD or take part confidently.
  • Assert: Be assertive.
  • Articulate: Work towards articulating your ideas into meaningful sentences.
  • Listen: Be an attentive listener.
  • Quality matters over quantities: It is not about how much you speak, but what you speak is important.

Additional Tips and Tricks for Air force X and Y Group GD

  • Read as much as you can. In general, topics are chosen from some of the current happenings. So, read newspapers and magazine to upgrade your knowledge related to current affairs.
  • Make sure that you speak loudly and clearly. It is highly important to speak with confidence. However, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, do not speak loudly.
  • In GDs, you are required to listen to others carefully. This will show that you are a good listener. Do not involve yourself in arguments. In case, if you get involved in an argument, give examples or a supportive statement that reflects your knowledge.
Things to Avoid During Air force X and Y Group GD
  • Do not criticize anyone on religion
  • Do not get personal
  • Do not criticize the foreign policy of India
  • Do not get disappointed if you do not know any answer
  • Never ever try to bluff

Follow all these above Indian Air force X and Y Group GD Tips to enhance your chances to crack Group Discussion round and get selected in SSB Interview.

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