SSB Interview Questions:-25 Personal Life Questions Asked in PI Round.

Check out 25 personal life questions asked in SSB Interview and how to answer them. These Questions will help you to crack your SSB interview for NDA, CDA, INET. SSB Interview is a part of the recruitment process of any commissioned level post like NDA, CDS AFCAT, INET Etc. Every written qualified student has to participate in the SSB Interview. Now let’s see the SSB Interview Questions in PI Round that was asked in the past and maybe asked from you in future.

What is SSB Interview Questions?

SSB Interview is a 5-day long process, you have to survive all day to qualify for the SSB Interview. On the 4th day, you have to appear for the personal interview round which is also called PI Round. In this round, there are lots of questions related to personal life is being asked. let’s know some important SSB Questions and Answer.

  1. Tell me somthing about yourself?
  2. What is your educational Background?
  3. What are your strenghts and weekness?
  4. Can you describle yourself in 3-5 word?
  5. What are your hobbies?
  6. What motivates you to join defence?
  7. Do you like to work alone or a part of team?
  8. How do you handle a stressful situation?
  9. What kind of books you like to read?
  10. Who has inspired you in your life and why?
  11. How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
  12. Are you a better planner or implementer?
  13. Describe a difficult situation/project and how you overcame it?
  14. Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it?
  15. Can you perform your duty near border/Nexal area?
  16. Why Navy/Army/Airforce? (Prepare for which your are going for Interview)
  17. Can you lie for your country?
  18. Is this ok to be average student in school or college life?
  19. Describe your work ethics?
  20. Killing someone for his guilty is justify or not?
  21. What is your greatest achievement?
  22. What is your biggest failure or challenge?
  23. How do you deal with criticism?
  24. Discuss a situation when you were a leader.
  25. What have you learnt from your failures?

These are the Questions for SSB Interview that may be asked for you too. so prepare well for all these questions in positive ways. If you want any help from KMC then just join us for a 14-day offline campus SSB Interview preparation.

Major Kalshi Classes for SSB Interview Preparation?

The Major Kalshi Classes has a team of Ex-Defence Officers and Ex-SSB Interviewers. It becomes very easy to get trained for the SSB Interview under the officers and examiners. It may be tough for the normal teacher or Instructor to train you for the Interview. We have given the maximum selection in the Defence every year. Well, the training for the SSB Interview can be given offline only, as there are many activities that a candidate needs to do practically to understand better. There are basically 14-15 Officers’ Like Quality on the basis of which Interviewers or Examiners select the candidates. You need to build officer-like quality to clear the Interview.

Well, our team is here to help you in every manner regarding the Interview and make you able to clear the Interview. Join the Best SSB Coaching in Prayagraj and get the best, easy and affordable training for the SSB Interview Questions.

DAY- 1Introduction to SSB
That what is SSB Interview is and how many tasks to do.
DAY- 2Screening
DAY-3Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback 
DAY-4Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test 
DAY-6Self  Description Test & Complete Psychological Test and Feedback
DAY-7OIR , Verbal and Non-verbal
DAY-8Personal Interview (PI)
DAY-9Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-10Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-11G.T.O. Briefing , GD and Lecturette 
DAY-12P.G.T,  H.G.T,  G.P.E, & G.O.R.  
DAY-13IO, CT, FGT and Conference
  •  Spoken English Classes 1 hour Daily
  •  Daily 1 Hour Current Affair Class
  •  Physical Test
  •  Motivational Lectures B – Retired Officer & Academic Director
  •  Introducation With Recomended Candidates who were the students of MKC.

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