OTA Gaya & Chennai Commandant officers New Appointment. See full detail

OTA Gaya & Chennai Commandant officers:- Friends, we see every year in our student life and in career life that our leaders change from time to time. That is, they are transferred. Similarly, the head of the Officer Training Academy under the Indian military force has been changing from time to time. Through today’s article, we will give you information about the newly appointed Commandant Officer of Officers Training Academy at Gaya and centers like Chennai.

Apart from this, you will be given information about how you can become the commander of this officer training academy. To become an officer commandant, which exams and which rank do you have to reach? Will share detailed information on all these topics.

Friends recently Changed to OTA Chennai and OTA Gya Commandant. Under which two new Commandant Officers have been appointed as the head of both the Officers Training Academy. Let us know which commandant officer has been appointed in OTA Chennai and OTA Gaya.

OTA Gaya & Chennai Commandant officers New Appointment.

Friends, as you all know that in higher training institutes like OTAs, only high-rank officers of the army appointed. In simple terms, an officer of one of the highest positions in the army appointed as the head of these centres for the Officers Training Academy. Recently, 1-1 new Commandant Officer has been appointed to OTA Chennai and OTA.

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New appointment of the commanding officer in OTA Gaya

Bihar (Gya), A new Commandant Officer appointed in the session of 2021 at the Officers Training Academy, Gaya, Bihar. On Thursday, January 7, 2021, Lieutenant DAV Reddy appointed as the Commandant. Prior to this, Lieutenant General DAV Reddy has served as a well-known Lieutenant General of the Indian Army.

Lieutenant General DAV Reddy appointed as Commandant Officer of OTA Gaya on 7 January 2021 by retiring the army to Lt. General Sunil Srivastava.

New appointment of commanding officer in OTA Chennai

Friends, a new Commandant Officer also appointed on 7 January 2021 at the Officer Training Academy (OTA) based in Chennai. Lieutenant MK Das appointed as the new Commandant Officer at OTA Chennai. Earlier in 1986, he held the command of Infantry Battalion, Assam Rifles Sector Infantry Division while holding the post of Lieutenant.

Lt MK Das has been an alumnus of DSSC and NDC. He studied at GMC College for strategic studies from Germany. MK Das considered qualified to improve the students to employed as a lieutenant in the training institutes of the Indian Army. Due to this, in view of his greatness and excellence, he appointed as Commandant Officer.

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How to become Commandant Officer of OTA?

Friends, to become a Commandant Officer, no candidate can become a Commandant Officer in reputed institutions like OTA by directly taking the exam. To become a Commandant Officer, candidates should first pass the examinations conducted by UPSC like NDA, CDS and enrol in officer training institutes like IMA, INA, IFA. After completion of training, when you appointed as a lieutenant, then you have to pass the promotion examinations every 2 years, 5 years.

Passing these exams when you appointed up to the rank of Lieutenant-General. You then appointed as the head of an OTA as a Commandant Officer based on your qualifications and experience. The Commandant Officer serves as the principal of a type of educational institution. Under whose supervision, all the officers under the Officer Training Academy have to be monitored for better functioning and training.

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Eligibility to become Commandant Officer

To become Commandant Officer, candidates are required to work as lieutenants in the army and pass in military-related courses from other types of educational institutions. In order to become Commandant Officer in institutions like OTA, the selection of candidates to the rank of lieutenant is mandatory only through UPSC examinations. There is no age limit to become a Commandant Officer.

To become Commandant Officer, the position given to candidates as promotion is important. Therefore, first, you have to become a lieutenant and after that, you have to promote to the rank of lieutenant general. As soon as you reach the rank of lieutenant general, you can be appointed as a commandant officer as the head of institutions like OTA.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What is OTA?
    The institute for training offers for the post of officers to the selected candidates under the Combined Defense Service called OTA (Officers Training Academy).
  2. What is the difference between Commandant and Assistant Commandant?
    The Commandant Officer is the head of a military training institute while the Assistant Commandant Officer is a high-ranking employee of the army.
  3. Who is the new Commandant Officer of OTA Chennai?
    Lt Gen MK Das Is appointing as the new Commandant Officer of OTA Chennai.
  4. Who is the new Commandant Officer of OTA Gaya?
    Lieutenant General GAV Reddy Is appointing as the new Commandant Officer.
  5. How to become a Commandant Officer?
    To become a Commandant Officer, first of all, you have to appointed to the rank of Lieutenant from the examinations conducted by UPSC.
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