First Men and Women in the history of Indian Armed Force.

First Men & Women in the history of Indian:- Friends, there have been many such great personalities in our Indian history. Who has made their name highest in the country by doing excellent work in their life? In today’s article, we are giving you information about the names and achievements of the First Woman and male officers in the history of the Indian Armed Forces. Without taking too much of your time, you convey the appropriate information to you through this article.

First Women Commando Trainer (Dr. Seema Rao)

Friends, Dr. Seema Rao is India’s First Woman trainer. Who graduated from Indian specific classes for years without any compensation. That close quarter battle – an art of fighting in close proximity. Leading that, and they are Balangan in hosting various Indian classes. His work was attended by Major Deepak Rao, who was awarded the President’s Medal by the Indian President.

First Women in the history Lieutenant (Punita Arora)

One of the best positions in our country is that of lieutenant. India’s Punita Arora was the first woman lieutenant-general of the Indian Navy. Punita was born on 13 October 1932 in Lahore Province, Pakistan. In 2004, Punita Arora became the first Indian woman to reach the rank of Lieutenant General in the Indian Navy. Punita spent a lot of her time in Punjab. Received the Distinguished Service Medal in 2002. A total of 15 medals were won during his 36-year tenure. (First Men & Women in history)

First Woman Air Marshal – Padmavati Bandyopadhyay

Friends, Padmavati Bandhopadhyay of India has the distinction of being the first woman Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force. She has been the Director-General of Medical Services. Padmavati joined the Indian Air Force in 1968. After 34 years, due to her selfless service and patriotism, in 2002, she became the female officer of the Indian Air Force, reaching the post of Air Vice Marshal.

First Woman Sword of Honor Winner – Divya Ajit Kumar

Divya Ajit Kumar became the First Woman cadet in the country to receive the Army Sword of Honor seven years ago at the age of just 21. Divya has also won three gold medals in studies. Captain Divya Ajit Kumar was commissioned into the Army’s Air Defense Corps in September 2010. On Republic Day (26 January 2016), for the first time, All India Women Captain Divya Ajit Kumar took the lead. She led a contingent of 154 women officers and cadets, where US President “Barack Obama” was also present.

First Woman fighter pilot

June 18, 2016, was the same day when these three men were entrusted with the task of keeping the skies of the country safe. With this, Bhavna Kanth of Begusarai in Bihar, Avni Chaturvedi of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, and Mohana Singh of Vadodara were commissioned in the Air Force for the first time as a fighter plane pilot. These three women have become the First Woman fighter pilots in the country.

First Woman soldier – Shanti Tigga

Shanti Tigga has achieved the unique distinction of becoming the First Woman soldier in the 1.3 million defence forces. During the recruitment training camp, Tigga impressed his trainers with his gun handling skills and topped the shooters. She rated as the best trainee in the entire performance at the RTC, including physical tests, drills, and shootings, on the basis of which she got the chance to become the first female young man.

First Women (Kargil Girl – Gunjan Sexena)

Gunjan Saxena is also known as ‘Kargil Girl’. In the Kargil War, where the Indian Army rescued six of the enemies, our women pilots were also not behind in this. Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena is a name that may not be known today, but Gunjan was the First Woman pilot to take on Pakistan from India in the battle during the Kargil War. For this Gunjan awarded the Shaurya Veer Award for his courage. According to Gunjan, his biggest inspiration was to bring out the injured soldiers of the Indian Army during Kargil.

First Men in the history of Indian Armed Force.

Friends, since the formation of the Indian Army in India, since then, the officers have served in the highest position. Below we are giving you information about the first person/officer to serve in many high positions in the Indian Army.

Sir Thomas Walker Elmhurst

At the time of the British government’s empire when the Air Force was formed. Sir Thomas Walker was then the first Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force. He served as the Royal Indian Air Force and Commander in Chief from 1908 to 1950.
The first Air Marshal of independent India was Subroto Mukherjee. He served as the Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force from 1 April 1954 to 31 March 1955.
(First Men & Women in the history)

Air Chief Marshal – Arjan Singh

The first Air Chief of Independent India was Marshal Arjan Singh. He was born on 15 April 1919. When he 19 years old, Arjun Singh selected in 1938 in RAS Cranwell. In 1944, he awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC). In 1963, Arjan Singh appointed to the post of Air Chief Marshal.

First Army General / Field Marshal – KM Cariappa

Friends, India’s First Army General who also had the opportunity to serve as a Field Marshal in independent India. They are KM Cariappa. He first served as Field Marshal on 15 January 1949.

First Fighter Pilot – Manmohan Singh

India’s first fighter pilot is Manmohan Singh. He was born in 1905 in Rawalpindi. His nickname is uncle Manmohan Singh. In 1942, he selected as a fighter pilot for the RAF Coastal Command.

First Sword of Honor Winner – Smith Dunn

Smith Dunn first received the Sword of Honor in the passing out parade of the Indian Military Academy in 1934. After India’s independence in 1949, Harbhajan Singh was the first Indian to receive this honour. Those who were given this honour in the batch of 1947.

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Friends, in today’s article, let us tell you the names of some of the prominent firsts of India (First Men & Women in history). He served in the high post of the Indian Army and made his name and country bright. If you also want to mark your name in the history of the country, then come to the centre of Major Kalshi Classes today and enrol for defence preparation.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):-

  1. Who is the First Woman (lieutenant woman) of India?
    The First Woman who served as the first lieutenant of India named Punita Arora.
  2. Who is India’s First Men & Woman in the history fighter pilot?
    India’s First Women fighter pilot Gunjan Saxena and uncle Manmohan Singh are male fighter pilots.
  3. Who was the first to receive the sword of honour?
    Answer:- The first sword of honour when India becomes independent is Harbhajan Singh. The first award gave to smith Dun in 1934.
  4. Who is KM Cariappa?
    KM Cariappa Azad is the first General and Field Marshal of India.
  5. Who is India’s First Men & Woman in the history of martial arts training?
    India’s First woman trainer named Dr. Seema Rao.
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