Major Anoop Mishra made Shakti bulletproof jacket.

Major Anoop Mishra made Shakti bulletproof jacket:- Friends, the army of our country protects the borders of the country from any terrorist attack and the people of neighbouring countries. Because of which the soldiers of our country’s armies have to give their lives and protect the countrymen. Today we will give you information about one such person of the Indian Army. Who has made many important devices from time to time to keep the brave soldiers of the country safe? Today we are talking about the first indigenous Universal Bullet Proof Jacket made by Major Anoop Mishra.

The Indian Army’s biggest concern in the operation against terrorists is the safety of soldiers.  Meanwhile, for the protection of the army, Major Anoop Mishra has prepared the world’s first indigenous universal bulletproof jacket ‘Shakti’. The biggest feature of this jacket is that both men and women can wear it. Apart from this, this jacket is the most flexible body armour in the world. This jacket can prove to be a game-changer for the Indian Army.

This is not the first time that Major Anoop Mishra has prepared the Universal Bulletproof Jacket ‘Shakti’. Prior to this, he has done indigenous bulletproof helmets. His bullet-proof jacket was displayed at the Defence Expo 2020 on February 7 last year. Who made a lot of headlines. Major Anoop Mishra told that the bullet-proof helmet could stop the AK-47 shot fired from a distance of 10 meters and save the life of the soldier. The helmet made under the ‘Abhed Project’.

Made full body indigenous bulletproof jacket

Major Mishra has also made full-body indigenous bulletproof jackets. The jacket also has the ability to withstand sniper balls. The jacket was named ‘Shakti’. For this, Major Anoop Mishra encouraged by the Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat. Major Anoop Mishra awarded the Army Design Bureau Excellence Award. With Mishra’s jacket, soldiers can be protected from the nefarious activities from across the border and the Indian Army can get a big advantage.

  • A bulletproof jacket is a very flexible jacket.
  • This universal bulletproof jacket can wear comfortably by both men and women.
  • With this bulletproof jacket, soldiers can protect themselves from enemy shots.
  • This bulletproof jacket being seen as a game-changer between the two countries.

Why did the Indian Army need a bulletproof jacket

Friends, as we all know, anything new discovery discover only when it is very important for us. There is a saying in our science language that necessity is the mother of invention. Based on this view, Major Anoop Mishra also made many types of safety pieces of equipment to strengthen and secure the Indian Army.

It said that Major Anoop Mishra during the deployment in Jammu and Kashmir got into trouble due to being shot in an operation. He was wearing a bulletproof jacket during the operation. The bullet failed to pierce his body, But Major Anoop Mishra hurt in that war. After this, he had thought of making a bulletproof jacket. Major Anoop Mishra works for the College of Military Engineering of the Indian Army.

Anup Mishra’s other achievements

Major Anoop Mishra not only invented the Universal Bullet Proof Jacket to continuously increase the forces of the Indian Army. Rather, he has invented many other types of equipment before this invention to strengthen India and protect the Indian Army from enemies. The strength of the Indian Army is increasing day by day. India is also seen moving towards self-sufficiency in the defence sector. On Wednesday, on one hand, there was good news that the Air Force fleet will soon include 83 Tejas aircraft, while other good news came from the defence sector. In fact, Major Anoop Mishra of the Indian Army has made such a bulletproof jacket, which stirs the world.

  • These drones that fly and land vertically can fly for up to two hours at a maximum height of 4500 meters. The Indian Army has signed a contract to obtain switch drones for surveillance along the borders. Vertical take-off and landing drones have the capability to fly for up to 2 hours at a maximum altitude of 4,500 meters.
  • On the other hand, the Indian Army has also developed micro-copters for surveillance. Their special thing is that they can also track terrorists in a building. This will greatly help the Indian security forces. This will help the army to thwart the plans of the terrorists even in big attacks like 26/11.
  • Along with this, now Army officer Captain Rajprasad has developed unmanned robot platforms for the safety of mines and disposal of IEDs. They have also developed wireless electronic detonation systems for the long-range firing of targets. These new achievements have been displayed by the Indian Army on Army Day.
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Friends, in today’s article we gave you information about the Universal Bullet Proof Jacket made by Major Anoop Mishra. Apart from this, information about much military equipment invention by Major Anoop Mishra presented to you through this article. Hope you like the information given above. If you want to make a career in the army, then get enrolled today by visiting the head office of Major Kalshi Classes or by visiting the online official website. For more information, please visit the contact number and website given in our article.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Which uniform invented by Major Anoop Mishra?
    The Universal Bullet Proof Jacket (named Shakti) Invention by Major Anoop Mishra.
  2. What other military equipment has Anoop Mishra made before this? Answer:- Earlier, bulletproof helmets, intelligence-based drones, and inhumane robots have been made by Major Anoop Mishra.
  3. Why did Major Anoop Mishra make these devices?
    Major Anoop Mishra has made the devices after shooting the enemies during his job.
  4. What are the features of a universal bulletproof jacket?
    The Universal Bullet Proof Jacket is very flexible and can wear by both men and women soldiers.
  5. Why do soldiers need a bulletproof jacket?
    Soldiers having bulletproof jackets will not cause any damage to the soldiers during the war.
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