Indian army to induct women as pilot into force’s aviation corps from 2022.

Indian Army to induct women as a pilot:- Friends, in today’s time, women in sports, politics, government, and non-government departments are walking step by step with men. Seeing this passion for women, the Indian Army has also decided to appoint as a pilot in the Indian Army. This decision has submitted by a notification to the Indian Army Chief MM Narwane. Army Chief General MM Narwane stated that from 2022, women will induct into the Army Aviation Corps as a pilot for the development of women on a larger scale. After which women can also fly helicopters in the Indian Army.

Army Chief General MM Narwane termed the decision as an important decision. General Narwane says That women are currently taking part only in groundwork in the Aviation Corps of the Indian Army. But now after this decision, women can also fly airplanes and military helicopters in addition to the Aviation Corps.

General MM Narwane Notification

Chief of the Indian Army General MM Narwane has said in his statement that he had submitted a proposal in this direction in front of everyone last month. After which General MM Narwane has expressed his intention to involve women in the flying wing in the next course starting in July. After this training, women will become proficient in flight training in 1 year and they will be ready for operation and aviation.


Indian army to induct women as pilot

Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane has said that the women will induct as pilots in the Army Aviation Corps from 2022 next year. So far, Gunjan Saxena is the only woman in the army, who appointed to the rank of a pilot in the Indian Army. Apart from this, women who have joined the Indian Army so far are only selected for groundworks. But for the aviation course starting from the year 2022, women will also be given 1-year training. After this training, women will also use to fly helicopters like men and to provide assistance by helicopters during wartime.

Friends, helicopters have been inducting into the Indian Aviation Corps since 1 November 1986. The Aviation Corps in India formed on 1 November 1986. Since then, combat helicopters also being used in the army. These helicopters are used to fight in the war zone and to maintain peace. These helicopters are used for operations in high altitude areas, evacuation of wounded soldiers in health-related emergencies, etc. In addition to these functions, the use of helicopters is useful in inspecting the borders of the country, transporting arms to the borders of the country when needed, and also in carrying out rescue operations.

Indian Air Force Women Pilot

Friends, till now we only know Gunjan Saxena as the first Kargil Woman. Who saved the lives of many soldiers by flying an Indian Army helicopter in the war of Kargil. At present, there are 10 women fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force. Dornier aircraft are piloted by female pilots in the Indian Navy. By flying these aircraft, women pilots monitor the country’s borders. Women pilots present in the Indian Navy carry out surveillance work by flying the Dornier and helicopters and p8i aircraft. In addition to 10 fighter aircraft pilots in the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force has about 111 women pilots. Which serves as a means of flying transport planes and helicopters.

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49% of women officers considered for the permanent commission in the Indian Army

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who is the Indian Army Chief of India?
    At present, the Indian Army Chief General of India is Bipin Rawat. After the retirement of General Bipin Rawat, General Manoj Mukund Narwane will be the next Army Chief.
  2. What statement has Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane made?
    Answer:- Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane recently presented a statement. That woman will also receive 1 year training in the aviation course to held in the year 2022.
  3. How many female fighter pilots are there in the Indian Army?
    The Indian Army has only 10 fighter aircraft pilots so far. Additionally, 111 other female pilots of other types of aircraft are available as per requirement.
  4. Who is India’s first Army fighter pilot woman?
    Gunjan Saxena of Haryana State is the first Army Fighter pilot woman of India. Gunjan Saxena also named Kargil Girl.
  5. What to do to become a fighter pilot?
    Answer:- If you are a woman and you want to become a fighter pilot in the army. Then you must join the AFCAT exam to be held from time to time.
  6. Which aircraft do women have to fly in the army?
    Answer:- During the war, female fighter pilots gave to fly helicopters. The main task of which is to deliver the wounded soldiers during war and the equipment required for war.
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