INDRA Military Exercise Full Detail

The soldiers and officers of the Armed forces always practice being better in their work. Every country’s army always conducts some practice training with the other country’s Army. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete information about the Indra Military Exercise. To get complete details about this, check the complete article below, I have given full details of Indra Military Exercise. Almost every year the Military Exercises held for the betterment of the training as well as the way of war.

List of Joint Military Exercise between the Countries

INDRA Military Exercise Full Detail:

Every country always tries to make their Army best. They always conduct the military Training Exercise with the other countries which is more capability in power, Stamina and training, etc.  There is a huge number of training exercises that have been held between the country and many exercises are about to be conducted. It is very tough to tell you all the Exercises that have been held till yet.  Here in this, I will tell you the Indra Military Exercises has been held in 2019  and after that, I will talk about the Indian Military Exercises between the other countries etc.

The Joint Military Exercises are conducted for the betterment of both the forces. The Indian Armed forces are known as the greatest Forces in the world. This is all because of the training that they get. In order to become soldier Or officers in the Service. one will have to clear the toughest phase of training. The Joint Military Exercises are only for the commissioned officers and Soldiers etc. Now let’s see the details about the Indra Military Exercise.

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Details about Indra Military Exercise:

This exercise has been held between the Indian and Russia. The main aim of this exercise was to train each other country’s forces and give them a better experience of the war situation and some tips and tricks to tackle the situation.  This exercise was taking place at the Babina Military Station, near Jhansi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It reportedly involved 14 T-90 tanks, 14 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, and 500 troops on the Russian side.

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The aim of the exercise is to practice joint planning and conduct to enhance the interoperability of the two armies in the peacekeeping and enforcement environment under the aegis of the United Nations. An Indian Ministry of Defense statement noted at the time. Russia is known for its military Power and they are vert advance in technology. Indian Government have brought many fighter jets from Russia like MIGs, SU-35MKI etc.  Here is some key highlights of the Exercise.

  1. The exercise will include a five-day training phase with a comprehensive training course.
  2. It will include strategic operations such as the Cordon House Intervention, defusing of IEDs, curbing arms smuggling by sea route and measures to combat piracy will be practised.
  3. This training phase will be followed by a 72-hour verification exercise.
    INDRA-2019 will conclude on December 19 with a demonstration of the power of integrated warfare and the closing ceremony.
  4. The objective of this exercise is to enhance the coordination of the two armies in maintaining peace and security under the aegis of the United Nations.

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It was the best Exercise that has been held in the year 2019. The Indra Military Exercise was also held in the year 2017  and around 900 military Personnels and 1000 troops had taken part in this.  The Indra Military Exercise 2017 was an important event because the Indian Military and Russian Military Were celebrating the friendships of 70 years.  The Indian Defence organizations always conduct military Exercises with the other country. You can click on the link below to get complete information about the Military Exercises of the Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy etc that has been held yet.

List of Joint Military Exercise between the Countries

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