How to attempt rapid-fire round questions while interviewing in SSB?

How to attempt rapid-fire round questions:- Friends, during SSB interview, candidates are asked for rapid-fire round questions. Now candidates have a lot of problems during this rapid-fire round. In today’s article, how can you simplify these rapid-fire round questions during SSB? Giving detailed information on this subject. The SSB interview is the most important part of the NDA exam for recruitment in the Indian Army. In which many officers attached to the army test the mental and physical abilities of the candidates. This 5-day interview consists of a test of rapid-fire questions. This test occurs during the battery test on the second day of the interview. In which only 15 seconds to answer a question.

Rapid-fire question is one of the most difficult tests of NDA exam. Most students are nervous about this. By the way, the officers interviewed in this test can ask questions from anywhere. But mostly it happens that only questions related to the personal life of the candidate are asked. Here we will tell you about 10 such selected questions which are mostly asked in rapid-fire rounds.

How to attempt rapid-fire round questions?

How to attend the rapid-fire round question asked during the SSB interview. In this subject, you must first know about your own state, village, district, city, and nature. Apart from this, if you have complete information about your exam i.e. educational qualification. Then during the SSB interview’s rapid-fire round questions Under rapid-fire round questions, only their personal questions asked from the candidates. Sometimes questions related to the syllabus for knowledge of the extension of other academic qualifications of the candidate. As mentioned above, only 15 seconds are allowed for SSB interview rapid-fire round questions. Below, we are asked more questions on which topics during the SSB interview. Its information gives below.


Some important questions of rapid fire while SSB interview

  1. Tell about your family members – In this, you will have to remember all the details that you have given earlier answers related to your father or relatives. If you say something different in response to the questions, then you are asked counter questions.

2. Tell us about your city or area of ​​residence – In this question, the interviewer can ask about the head, tehsil officer, DM, SP, etc. appointed in your area of ​​residence. Apart from this, what is your city famous for or what is special there can be asked.

3. Reasons to like or dislike a teacher during your school – Students appearing in SSB interviews can be asked tricky questions. In which often the reason for liking or not liking a teacher during your school asked. In this, you have to answer according to your mental capacity.

4. Reasons to like/dislike a friend – Rapid-fire rounds ask questions related to your personal life. Those interviewed officers listen and understand carefully. Such questions ask to know about your mental state.

5. How do you relate to your family or society – In order to understand your mood, nature, etc., the interviewing officer asks you how your family or people around you are related.

6. Due to getting fewer marks in 10th or 12th result – Your old school results also matter when you go for an SSB interview. In the rapid-fire round, your result will ask due to low marks.

7. If you are not selected, then: Interview officers ask students such questions to check their mood. From this, their forward plans and determination for their army recruitment assessed.

8. Have a bad habit? – The entire reality of the candidates’ personal life has exposed. It is often that officers ask them about their bad habits. Which contains questions related to cigarette, alcohol, or tobacco consumption.

9. What is the reason for joining the army? – These questions are asked to find out how serious the candidate is about army recruitment. In which their confidence tested.

10. Recent/current events related to – In rapid-fire rounds it is often that the interviewing officer asks questions related to General Knowledge. In which it is seen how mentally strong the candidate is and how much he connected to society. For this, you have to make a habit of reading daily newspapers and magazines.

However, let me tell you that you do not trust these 10 questions. These questions are more likely to come up. Well in this test, more questions asked about your personal life.

How to prepare rapid fire round questions

Friends, Candidates face many types of problems even if they are aware of the topic of rapid-fire round questions during SSB interview. If you want to prepare for the rapid-fire round of SSB interview. So you should have detailed knowledge about each of your weaknesses, strengths, educational qualifications. If you want to prepare for the rapid-fire round of SSB interview. So in this subject, you can take help of a better coaching institute. Major Kalsi classes located in Allahabad are the best coaching institutes for the preparation of this rapid round.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to attempt rapid-fire round questions while interviewing in SSB?
    Answer:- For the preparation of rapid-fire round questions, candidates should first keep their personal information and village and city in detail.
  2. Where to prepare for SSB interview?
    Answer:- You can choose Major Kalshi Classes for SSB Interview Preparation. This coaching institute is better for all types of defence examinations.
  3. Do you ask other types of questions in rapid-fire round question? Answer:- In other types of questions, only information related to academic and current affairs asked from the candidates.
  4. How to prepare for a current affair for rapid-fire round questions? Answer:- For the preparation of current affairs, candidates can use newspapers and monthly magazines published every day.
  5. What are the questions related to educational qualification in rapid-fire rounds?
    Under Rapid Fire Round Questions, the syllabus questions asked in addition to the number of marks and percentage of academic qualification.
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