GTO Task in SSB Interview and Know all GTO Tasks

GTO Task in SSB Interview:- Friends, to join the Indian Army, the candidate prepares for the SSB interview to be held after the written examination. But do you know that the SSB interview is for five to six days In this interview, candidates have to do a variety of activities. In all these activities, each day candidates are given different tasks to do In today’s article, we are sharing detailed information about the GTO Tasks to be done under the SSB interview. As such, there is a reason to identify the physical ability of the candidates under the GTO task. But how is this task done in any individual and group of candidates Information is gathered at all these points GTO Task is held on the third and fourth day of the SSB interview In this task, candidates have to post nine different types. All these tasks are:

GTO Task in SSB Interview

During the SSB interview, the candidates are required to do the following activities in GTO Tasks

  1. Group discussion
  2. Military Planning Exercise / Group Planning Exercise
  3. Progressive group task
  4. Snake race
  5. Lecturette
  6. Half group task
  7. Individual Obstacles
  8. Command task
  9. Final group task

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Know all GTO Tasks

Below we are now providing you detailed information on all the topics that the candidates have to do under each task. In all these tasks that take place on the third and fourth days, the candidates have to do the following tasks

Group discussion(GD)

The group task is conducted under the supervision of a group testing officer. The first group discussion task is conducted under GTO. Under this discussion, candidates have to inform their group on one topic. One topic is given to the candidates by the group testing officer. On which the candidates have to discursively get detailed information and information from their participants.

In order to do well in this task, the candidate can get good marks by improving current affairs, social networking, news, and speaking and listening.

Military Planning Exercise / Group Planning Exercise

In this task, candidates are given the position according to the department. How the candidates can solve this situation is to discuss with their colleagues on this topic. Also known as Military Planning Exercise / Naval Planning Exercise etc.

Progressive group task (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

Under this task, the candidates have to carry out the activities of the Obstacles. Under this, a team is given to the candidates. That team has to overcome some obstacles as per a rule. Here, after completion of the work of one candidate is handed over to another candidate. This is how it works in a progressive way. so that, This is called a progressive task.

To improve in this task, candidates should have full confidence in their partners. You can easily pass this progressive group task on the completion of daily exercise and physical ability. Never violate the rules made by the GTO officer otherwise you may get hurt.

Snake race (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

Do it in which it is very interesting, also known as group and status race. In this race, all groups have to cross six obstacles one after the other while carrying a flying tent. All these obstacles are of the type of a snake. This group dance can consist of a maximum of 4 groups simultaneously. The more functioning groups gave more points.

if you want to qualify in a race, then the load you give must make it to the finish line. It is necessary to keep the snake parallel to the ground while running. Even if you cross the first hurdle, wait for the second one to do so, and only then proceed to the second hurdle.

Lecturette (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

Lecturers were used to testing the personality of the candidates during the SSB interview. During this, candidates have to give a short speech on any one subject. Generally, 4 subjects are given to the candidates in SSB Lecture On which they have to give a speech for 3 minutes each subject.

To pass this task, it is necessary for the candidates to have good humor, better body language, communication effect, and confidence during the speech.

Half group task (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

The half-group task is similar to the progressive task. But the only difference between the two is that the group was divided into two sets. Like this, some rules were made to closely observe the performance of GTO candidates. This rule is according to PGT (progressive Group task).

If you want to do better in half-group tasks like PGT Then you must follow some things. When choosing the team you need to select the candidates with better functioning. This task does so that any candidate, who has not done well in the progressive task group can do better in Eastas.
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Individual obstacles (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

Individual Obstacles, Group Task Obstacles is one of the series’ works. Which is usually held on the first or second day of the GTO test. As the name suggests, this work will do by each member of the group. This test is intended for testability, physical toughness, endurance levels, courage, determination, and acrophobia. During these Obstetails, candidates have to do ten different tasks. All tasks are given 3 minutes to perform. Following are the tasks to be done during individual Obstacles.

  • Jump on a slide
  • Long jump
  • High jump
  • Zigzag balance
  • Walking on a log of wood
  • High screen jump
  • Jumping platform
  • Burma Bridge
  • Tarzan swing
  • Wall climbing
  • Jumping platform
  • Jump through tires
  • Double trench
  • Tiger leaves
  • Commando run
  • Monkey crawl
  • Rope climbing

Command task (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

The command task was conducted before SGT. The purpose of this task is to find out the commanding ability of the candidates. Candidates are allowed to choose 2 members in two groups. The candidates are required to overcome the following hurdles with the time and resources available to the selected candidates.

To get more marks in this test, it is necessary to clearly state your points while addressing them. Never take the help of another person and every task should do with your mind.

Final group task (GTO Task in SSB Interview)

The final group the final task of GTO, Which is done to execute the candidates by the whole group. This task is quite long and difficult. For this, spot timing is provided for planning and execution. All rules and principles and instructions are similar to the progressive group task.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is GTO?
    Under the SSB interview in the Army, the GTO test was conducted to check the physical test and mental tests.
  • Why had GTO done in the SSB interview?
    Answer: –
    In an SSB interview, GTO was conducted to check the physical and mental ability of the candidates.
  • How to pass in GTO exam?
    Answer: –
    To pass the GTO exam, the candidate must be physically and mentally strong.
  • What are the tasks a candidate has to perform under the GTO task Answer: – Under the GTO Test, many types of tasks are done to the candidates. Do read the above article for detailed information.
  • How to get more marks in GTO?
    To get more marks in GTO Task, candidates should follow the rules and increase their knowledge.

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