How to fill PIQ form Correctly?

Absolutely, the PIQ form holds significant importance in the SSB interview process as it provides crucial information about the candidates. Interviewers and psychologists rely on the details provided in the PIQ form to form an overall impression of the candidate. Therefore, it’s essential to fill out the PIQ form accurately and honestly.

The personal interview questions in the SSB interview often revolve around the information provided in the PIQ form. Hence, candidates should ensure that the details they provide in the form are genuine and accurate. It’s important not to fabricate or exaggerate personal information, as it may lead to problems during the interview.

The PIQ form typically consists of questions related to academics, family background, personal details, and other miscellaneous information. Candidates should pay close attention while filling out the form, ensuring that they write legibly and to the point. Overwriting and exaggerating personal information should be avoided to maintain clarity and authenticity.

Indeed, the PIQ form is typically filled out on the arrival day or Day 1 of the SSB interview process, usually after the screening test. However, some candidates opt to practice filling out the PIQ form before arriving at the SSB center. This proactive approach can help candidates avoid confusion and ensure that they provide accurate and concise information.

Candidates who practice filling out the PIQ form beforehand are often better prepared and less likely to make mistakes such as overwriting, cutting, or filling in incorrect information. This not only saves time but also presents a positive impression to the Interviewing Officer (IO) and Psychologist.

On the other hand, candidates who don’t practice filling out the PIQ form beforehand may experience confusion and may be more prone to errors during the actual filling process. This could potentially lead to a negative impression on the IO and Psychologist, impacting their overall evaluation.

In summary, practicing filling out the PIQ form before the SSB interview can be beneficial for candidates as it helps them present themselves more confidently and accurately, thus enhancing their chances of success in the selection process.

How to Fill PIQ form Correctly?

Let’s talk about some important things to remember when you’re filling out the PIQ form at the center. Make sure you have all the needed information with you so you won’t have any trouble.

  • First, a lot of candidates forget their roll number or application number for exams like NDA, CDSE, or any technical entry. Remember it well and write it down. You’ll need to say it many times at the center and fill out several forms during documentation. Just jot it down on the back of any paper with a pencil for future use.
  • Second, remember your chest number, batch number, and selection board number as soon as you get them. You’ll use them repeatedly for various forms during documentation, psyche testing, GTO testing, etc. Memorize them well.
  • Lastly, know some important details about your city of maximum residence, permanent residence, and current residence, like its population, geography, and political positions. It’ll come in handy during interviews and discussions.

 Basic personal information related to your family members such as their age, education, income and occupation should be clear as day in your mind. Not only this will be asked in the Interview but it is required to be noted down in your PIQ form too. It is better to ask them in advance before coming for the SSB.

• Self-knowledge about schooling and college education and other specific particulars such as their respective board affiliations, the medium of education and any outstanding achievement during that tenure must be stated by the candidate.

• Your exact age in years and months, height and weight in CMs and KGs respectively. If you don’t know about your basic medical particulars then it is advisable to go to the nearest clinic and be done with them.

• Present occupation of the candidate, if any and its respective salary in rupees. You can write down about any part-time job that you are doing too such as home tutor, content creator or any other work through that you generate any considerable income.

• All the details pertaining to the NCC, if any.

• Your participation in sports, duration during which you participated, representation level (school or college, district, national etc.), and outstanding achievements related to them (In chronological order based on your priority and most recent times if you have many of them and they all can’t be managed in that given space).

• Hobbies and interests that you pursue in your spare time should be stated correctly. Try to find out about them through in-depth self-exploration.

• Participation in extracurricular activities in school or college, duration and achievements (In chronological order based on your priority and most recent times if you have many of them and they all can’t be managed in that given space).

Make sure to list any roles you had in school or college like being a house captain, captain of a sports team, or holding a rank in NCC.

Know the type of commission you’re applying for, like Short Service Commission or Permanent Commission, and which branch you’re applying to, whether it’s Army, Navy, or Airforce.

In the last section, provide details of any previous SSBs you’ve attended, including the type of entry, location and SSB number, date attended, batch and chest number, and the outcome.

It’s crucial to know all this information beforehand, so you’re not confused when filling out the form. Make sure everything is clear in your mind and double-check before filling out the PIQ form.

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