How to become Pilot in Indian Armed Forces?

Hey, Guys Major Kalshi Classes is going to share about How to become Pilot in Indian Armed Forces? Aviation has been a part of military kinetic capability for over a century now. Hey guys, If you want to be a Pilot in Indian Armed forces. MKC will guide you throughout the process and all the information regarding this. The procedure for becoming a pilot in the Indian Armed Forces is similar to that of being an officer in any of the service, except for some extra medical criteria and an additional CPSS.

How to become Pilot in Indian Armed Forces?

As you know there are 4 armed forces operating in India i.e

  1. Indian Air Force
  2. Indian Navy
  3. Indian Army
  4. Indian Coast Guard

We will discuss step by step:-


Through NDA Examination:-

NDA In Indian Air force you can become a pilot through the NDA which stands for National Defence Academy you can appear for this exam after 12th (with mathematics and physics as mandatory) you can also apply for this if you are appearing 12th.

For Detailed Selection Process and Eligibility refer to below link-

CDS Examination:-

CDSE Another way is after graduation. If you are graduate in any stream with physics and mathematics in your 12th standard. You can apply for the CDSE which stands for Combined Defence Service Examination.

For Detailed Selection Process and Eligibility refer to below link-

Through AFCAT Examination:-

After graduation, you can also go for AFCAT which stands for Air Force Common Admission Test.

For Detailed Selection Process and Eligibility refer to below link-

Through NCC special entry:-

If you have done NCC Air wings you can directly apply for the flying branch. You will not have to go through the written exam.

These all the exam have a similar process.

  • Written exam
  • SSB interview
  • Medical check-up

Now once you clear all these exams successfully, and you are in the top merit list of AIR which is (All India Rank) then you will eligible to chose wings which are-


Once you chose the flying branch.. according to your performance you can become CARGO PILOT, FIGHTER PILOT or HELICOPTER PILOT. Remember being a fighter pilot in the Indian air force is the toughest part of the flying branch.

How to become Pilot in Indian Armed Forces?


The same process is also for the Indian Army as it was for the Air Force. Once you clear the written exams, SSB interview and medical tests. You become an officer in the Indian army after one or two years after the service you can internally apply for Army aviation. Or a post of pilot you wish to apply. You will get your rank according to your performance.

All pilots in Army Aviation are commissioned, officers OR If you are a cadet in IMA (Indian Military Academy ) Based on your performance and merit in the academy, you may get commissioned into the Army Aviation Corps directly.


Pilots are inducted in the Indian Navy as Permanent Commission (PC) or Short Service Commission(SSC). Pilots are selected from serving Executive branch officers (up to 25 years of age) are selected for pilot training bi-annually and are granted a Permanent Commission.


For becoming a pilot in Indian coast guard first, you will have to join this service after that you can apply for the post of the pilot.

  1. There are many entries while applying in Indian Coast Guard. There is one called GD(PN). Once you are selected after the final round, you will be invited to join INS, Ezhimala for initial training. Thereafter, you will be under further training for two more years throughout Indian coasts. You may be posted after this onboard a ship. After a year, call for pilot exams will come. PABT will follow. Once you clear those exams, you will be inducted as a pilot. Training will follow and then you become a pilot.
  2. If you are a CPL holder, you just have to do the first 6-month training and thereafter you are a pilot.

Remember being a pilot is not an easy task. You will have to be medically fit all the time. You will have to go through medical every year or every 2 years( depends upon your service). And the pilot’s medical is one of the toughest medical in the world. Stay fit, eat healthily and exercise daily if you want to be pilot.

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