CPSS Test procedure in AFSB | Complete information for CPSS Test -2022

CPSS Test procedure:- The computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS Test) is for becoming a member of Airforce flying branch. Those applicants who need to enroll in Airforce as a Pilot has to pass this test. CPSS Test used to assess the applicants’ psychomotor talents Information processing talents (speed and accuracy), coordination, visualization, time-sharing alongside cognitive records processing talents. through subjecting a big range of applicants concurrently to carry out concurrent a couple of tasks.

CPSS has replaced the earlier existing selection Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) which consists of Instrument Comprehension tests (INSB) in the form of manual objective type exams and an elementary PC based Machine Tests.

What is CPSS Test:-

Many Airforce Aspirants desired to fly superior fighter plans like Su-30, Tejas, Rafael, etc. They must clean this test after clearing SSB Interview of CDS, NDA, AFCAT to be part of Flying branch. This is a very accurate testing system of psychomotor skills and cognitive information processing skills of aspirants. CPSS Test is proposed by the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam when he was the scientific adviser of the prime minister in 1997.

Features of CPSS Test in AFSB:-

  1. The complete hardware comprising of state of art embedded systems, fibre glass based cockpit, sensors, controls were developed indigenously using Commercially Off the Shelf components, which makes the entire system completely self-reliant for longer product support.
  2. ADE has developed state of art USB based membrane keyboard, microcontroller based main controller unit with dedicated device driver software. The security features have been built to prohibit unauthorized access of the system.
  3. Comprehensive diagnostic software for easy fault finding and calibration has been provided.
  4. Designed modular system with plug in units at sub-assembly level for easy maintenance.
  5. High reliability redundancies have been provided in servers, networking infrastructure, power supply.
  6. The systems have been developed with long term operational support required so that technology obsolescence is avoided.

The system has been divided into two major sub-systems-

1. Cognitive test subsystem: Consists of 100 PC-based cognitive terminals, which are arranged in a room with a full network connection to the server. Each cognitive terminal is equipped with a customer-specific membrane keyboard with an OLED display.

2. Psychomotor Test Subsystem – Candidates go through various tests in the cockpit of an aircraft simulator that require candidates to operate aircraft controls such as joysticks, rudder, throttle and various visual and audible warning signs.

3. The instructor station with projection system controls the entire course of the tests, monitors the status of all cognitive terminals and shows the instructional videos. The projection system projects the instructions to the candidates.

4. The cognitive and psychomotor systems are connected to the database servers and the network infrastructure.

5. Multimedia projection systems and DSP-based audio solutions are provided for the implementation of the AC briefing.

How many attempt to clear CPSS Test?

There is only one chance to pass this test. If you fail the test on the first try, you will no longer be able to join the flying branch of the military in the future. So be well prepared before attending the Computerized Pilot Selection System Test.

CPSS Test procedure:-

There are two steps of test-

  1. Written Exam (MCQ)
  2. CPSS Machine Test

Step-1 (Written Exam):-

First the instruction to give 6 dial patterns that are present in airplanes. Based on this information, they asked MCQ questions along with other MCQ questions given below.

  1. Dial reading questions
  2. IQ Test
  3. Pattern matching Test
  4. Basic Maths Exam (around 15 small quizzes in total).

Step 2 CPSS Test:-

After passing the written exam, you have to sit in the CPSS machine, which is like the cockpit of a real airplane. You have to play different video games with the joystick and your leg. You will earn points for completing certain games. There are a total of three chances to play a game and your best score will count.

The whole test is very simple, anyone who plays video games can easily clear the CPSS test. Before each game, you will receive detailed on-screen instructions, so don’t panic. Just follow the instructions and play the game carefully.

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