INS Khukri Gets Decommissioned from Indian Navy

The first Corvette missile Ship of the Indian Navy was Decommissioned from the Indian Navy on 23 December 2021. India’s first corvette missile ship made indigenously, INS Khukri served in the Indian Navy for 32 years. During this service, the command of this ship was handled by 28 Commanding Officers of the Indian Navy. Along with this, it covered a distance of more than 644897 nautical miles in these 32 years. According to an estimate, if it is calculated, the distance travelled by INS Khukri in 32 years is equivalent to 30 times the Earth’s Circular distance, And this distance is about 3 times the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

Summary of First indigenously Corvette missile Ship INS Khukri:-

  • Name of Ship:-INS Khukri
  • Type of ship:-Corvette missile Ship
  • Made by:-Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders, Mumbai
  • First Commission in Navy:-23 August 1989
  • First Deployed Fleets:-Western and Eastern fleets
  • Service years in Navy:- 32 years
  • Decommissioned Date:- 23/12/2021
  • Total Distant Travel during Service:-644897 nautical miles

The Navy Decommissioned Ceremony of this Corvette Missile Ship of the Indian Navy was organized in Visakhapatnam. The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Naval Command, Vice Admiral Vishwajit Das Gupta was also present as the chief guest at the ceremony.INS Khukri was decommissioned from the service of the Indian Navy in the presence of some other former commanding officers.

Services in the Navy of INS Khukri: –

The corvette missile ship INS Khukri was built on 23 August 1989 by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders. Built-in India, the ship had the distinction of having previously worked with both the Western and Eastern fleets. The ship was commissioned in the presence of the then Defense Minister of Mumbai, Hon’ble Shri Krishna Chandra Pratap, Late Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla, Smt. Sudha Mulla and Sanjeev Bhasin At present, Commander Sanjeev Bhasin is now in Decommissioned by being in the rank of Vice-Admiral.

This corvette missile ship of the Indian Navy belonged to the Gorkha Brigade of the Indian Army. Due to which Lt Gen PM Anant Narayan, (SM President Gorkha Brigade) was also involved in this Decommissioned ceremony.

What is a corvette ship?

If you do not know what the Corvette Ship in the Indian Navy is, then you can satisfy your curiosity through this article. Let us tell you that the corvette ship is a small warship. This is the smallest type or smallest class of the ship traditionally used in the Navy. Personnel ships are used by naval troops as coastal patrol ships, fast-moving ships and missile boats. These types of ships are deployed in areas where there is a high risk of sea intrusion from other countries. Corvette ships generally used in the military have a minimum weight of 500 tons and a maximum of 2000 tons. Whereas the corvette warships used in the Indian Navy weigh up to 3000 tons.

History of INS Khukri in the 1971 War.

In the 1971 war fought between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani forces were beaten to death by the Indian Navy.INS Khukri also had a dangerous accident in the 1971 war when that sea turned into a wreck. At that time, the Pakistani Navy destroyed it with the help of a submarine, by targeting this Indian warship. After the war, the wreck of this ship was pulled out from the seafloor.

INS Khukri, located in the North East and South West region, weighed about 1500 tons. When divers proceeded to retrieve it after the war. So this ship was ordered by the officers of the Navy to remain in the sea. After this accident, New INS Khukri was designed using the Latest and improved technology. It was deployed in the Indian Navy. It was retired on 23 December 2021 after completing 32 years.

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