CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities in both exam, syllabus rank, and everything you must need to know

CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities in both exams:- Friends, we are very worried about our future. Due to this, we start preparing for appearing in the examinations of government and non-government institutions taking place in the country. But if you prepare for a government job in a higher position. Then it is difficult to distinguish which exam will be very beneficial for you. Every year for the higher post in India, IAS, PCS, NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc. type of examinations is conducted, But do you know that when all these exams are held, then in which post you are selected for passing?

And among all these exams, is there information about the syllabus, rank, salary etc. of the exam? Yes, some people must know about this exam But if we compare the two exams together in front of you, then you will not have any problem in choosing the appropriate department for preparing for the exam. Today we will give you information about the difference and similarity between them in the subject of one such examination.By which you can improve your career in the future by getting complete information about the exam.

CDS vs CAPF Difference & Similarities

Friends, in today’s article, we will share information about the differences and similarities between the Combined Defense Service (CDS) and the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF).

Before starting the article, you should be informed that both the examinations are done for the central security forces. But the medium and rank of both the examinations are different. First of all, let us know the common difference between CDS and CAPF.

CDS vs CAPF Similarities

Conducting CDS and CAPF exam Union public service commission
Maximum degree to apply Students who have passed graduation or are in final year
Age Minimum 21 years, maximum 25 years

CDS vs CAPF Difference

With the help of the table below, you are clearing the difference between the two exams.

Parameter CDS CAPF
Full form Combined Defense Service Central Armed Police Force
Frequency of conducting exam twice a year Once a year
The appointment Lieutenant position in the army Assistant Commandant in BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, RSSB
promotion Lieutenant to lieutenant colonel DIG or IG from Assistant Commandant
Pension Is given Is not given
Selection Process Written test, SSB interview, medical fitness, merit list Written Examination (Objective and Descriptive), Physical Fitness, Interview
Probability to pass the written examination Very high (about 7000 to 8000 candidates) Very rarely (about 2000 to 2500)
Probability to pass the interview Very rarely by ssb interview More via personal interview
Age Relaxation Is not given 5 years for SC / ST and 3 years for OBC
education Applications can be filled even while in the final year of graduation. The application can be filled even after passing the graduation.
(CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities)

With the help of the above table, we have given you information about the common difference between the CDS and CAPF examinations. Now below, we are giving you all the topics i.e. syllabus of the exam and all other types of information.

With the help of the above table, we have given you information about the common difference between the CDS and CAPF examinations. Now below, we are giving you all the topics i.e. syllabus of the exam and all other types of information.

Difference and similarity in CDS and CRPF examination

Friends, anyway written test is conducted in both the exams. But the written examination of these two exams is different from each other and the syllabus is different. Detailed information about the written examination and syllabus is given below.

CDS Written Examination
(CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities)

  • In the written examination of CDS, only objective type questions are asked to the candidates.
  • In this exam, in addition to INA, IMA, and IFA, there are also OTA exams.
  • The INA, IMA, and AF cover courses in English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics.
  • The OTA exam asks English and general knowledge questions.
  • The question papers of INA, IMA, and IAF are of total 6 hours and each question paper carries 100 – 100 marks.
  • There are two question papers in the examination. in both papers, whose total is fixed for 4 hours and 100 – 100 marks for each question paper.


CAPF Written Examination
(CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities)

  • In this exam, candidates have to answer multiple-choice type questions in the first question paper and descriptive type answers in the second question paper.
  • Question paper one consists of 200 questions in total. Whose total marks is 250, and this question paper is of 2 hours?
  • Questions related to general awareness and intelligence are asked in question paper one.
  • In Question Paper 2, a total of 6 questions are asked from candidates in descriptive type questions.
  • The total marks of question paper two are 200 and it is of total 3 hours.
  • In Question Paper 2, questions related to English Language, Comprehension and Essay and General Studies are asked.

SSB interview of CDS.

  • It held at SSB Center for a total of 5 days.
  • In this interview, different types of physical and mental activities conducted by the candidates every day.
  • During the SSB interview, candidates also given personal interviews.

CAPF Personal Interview

  • It not conducted for 5 to 6 days like the SSB interview in the CDS exam.
  • Personal questions and other physical questions asked from the candidates in the CAPF interview.
  • CAPF Personal Interview total is 150 marks. Those who added to the written examination of the candidates.

Physical Standards for CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities

  • To join CDS, the height of the female candidate should be 152.5 cm and the height of the male candidate should be 157.5 centimeters.
  • The minimum age of candidates to work in CDS should be 21 years.
  • For joining CAPF, the height of female candidates should be 157 cm and that of male candidates should be 165 cm.
  • For applying in CAPF, the age of the candidate should be a minimum of 21 years.

Physical Fitness Test for CDS and CAPF

  • In the CDS examination, candidates not subjected to any kind of physical fitness test. All physical fitness tests conducted between 5 and 6 days during the SSB interview.
  • In the CAPF examination, the candidates given a written test in the form of a physical fitness test like race shot put, long jump, etc.

Rank to be found in CDS vs CAPF Difference and Similarities

  • Candidates who passed the CAPF examination given the post of Assistant Commandant in CISF, BSF, SSB, ITBP, CRPF.
  • After promotion, an Assistant Commandant given the rank of DIG or IG.
  • Candidates who pass the CDS examination given the rank of Officer (Lieutenant) in the Army / Air Force / Navy.
  • After promotion, a lieutenant officer given up to the rank of lieutenant colonel and most of the brigadiers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Do CAPF and CDS soldiers operate on the border?
    CAPF personnel work on the border when required. But a CDS officer posted at the border.
  2. Which promotes early in CAPF and CDS?
    CAPF officers given promotions sooner than CDS.
  3. Can both exams give while under graduation?
    CDS exams taken while in the final year of graduation. But graduation required for the CAPF examination.
  4. Which rank given after CAPF?
    Students passed in CRPF given the rank of Assistant Commandant.
  5. Can women candidates apply in CAPF?
    Yes, female candidates can apply for this exam?
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