Newly Inducted Uniforms in Indian Navy

Navy Camouflage uniform will replace ‘Dress No. 10 A’ (Light Blue Half – Sleeve Shirt & Navy Blue Trousers). This Brand new Uniform has been introduced for Officers, and Sailors will get it by Oct-Nov 2021.

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You all have seen in Various Movies or Documentaries about the uniforms Of Indian Armed Forces. Among all, the Armed Forces (ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE) The Navy has the Largest No. of Uniforms at 16 – each wore at different occasions. The Army has 9 & the IAF (Indian Air force) has 15. All the Uniforms are outnumbered.


Camouflage or Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) are the Uniforms that are worn by the Armed Forces as the standard uniforms for combat. The Battle dress is generally Camouflaged, either in Monochrome such as shades of green or brown matched with the background (you’ve watched in war movies).

Camouflages were first practiced in simple forms in 18th century by rifle units. Modern days Camouflage is equipped with Infrared, for Concealment from Night Vision Devices. Camouflage is not only visual; heat, sound, magnetism & even smell can be used to target weapons.


Based on a study, the Naval Forces of other Countries do wear Camouflage thus, Indian Navy Adopted its Digital Camouflage Pattern.

“The Pattern is formed of Small Rectangular pixels of Colour. This is much more effective than standard Uniform Pattern as it matches with dapped texture & rough borders found in Natural Environment”

“The history of Naval Uniforms is way too older as they have evolved from the Khaki Uniform to the Blues to the Dungarees/ Overalls & the disruptive pattern is the latest change it has got “

Most Important, The New uniform will also bring Uniformity with other foreign Country Naval Forces while the Inter-Country Exercises.


As Earlier stated, there are total 16 Uniforms wore in the Indian Navy. I will brief you about some Uniforms which are often worn & may be stopped for Wearing (Naval Sources).

According to, Navy Sources it has been Decided that Dress No. 4A & 4B will be in no use further.

DRESS NO. 4A comprises a peaked cap/white turban, white bush jacket, shoulder rank stripes, ribbons, name tally, chest badges, white trousers & other accoutrements. This dress is worn on Ceremonial Occasions or meeting with leaders & diplomats.

: DRESS NO. 4B is same as 4A, but with medals instead of ribbons.

: DRESS NO 8A comprises of peaked cap/ white turban, white Half –sleeve shirt, shoulder stripes for officers, arm badges of ranks for Pos & below , ribbons, name tally, chest badges, ,white trousers.

This Uniform Is regular everyday White Uniform worn by Naval personnel

* Naval Personnel will wear Dress No. 8a with medals as summer uniform on relevant occasions.

: DRESS NO. 5 comprises of peaked cap/ white turban, white full-sleeve shirt ,Black Bow tie, white mess jacket, shoulder stripes, Black summer trousers & Black cummerbund.

: DRESS NO. 6 comprises of peaked cap/ white turban, white full-sleeve shirt , Black Bow tie, white mess jacket, shoulder stripes, Black cummerbund & Black winter trousers .

This Uniform is the Winter Evening Mess Uniform.

These are some updates regarding New Inducted Uniform in Indian Navy.

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