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All the candidate who wants to prepare for the CDS Examination. The SSB Interview is mandatory to clear in order to become an officer in the Indian Armed forces. Our Institute Major Kalshi Classes is one of the finest Academy for the preparation of the defense Examination. Here I will share with you the Best SSB Study Material for CDS that one can use to prepare better for the CDS Exam. You have an option to download the CDS SSB Study Material in Pdf or can also order the hard copy online. At last, I have shared some tips and tricks to prepare for SSB Interview.

Tips to Clear CDS SSB Exam

CDS SSB Study Material in Pdf:

The preparation for the SSB Interview can be easily done at home. If a candidate has appeared for this Interview or has a complete idea about its process and procedure etc. You can prepare for this through the SSB Study Materials for CDS etc.  There are many books available in the market for the preparation of the SSB interview but if you decided to prepare through the Books, you must find the best book for the preparation of this.

The Major Kalshi classes are one of the premier institutes for SSB Training. This institute has Retd. SSB Interviewers who prepare the students for the SSB Interview. The Team of Ex SSB Interviewer has designed the book for the SSB Interview. This is the best book for the SSB Interview as per the Student’s review. According to the officer, there are around 11 or 12 officers like quality, on the basis of which the officers select the candidates. The officer has given all the details regarding this in the book. You can do your complete preparation through this book.

CDS SSB Interview Preparation Tips for 2021

Download SSB Study Material:

Hardly you may get asked questions from the academics. You need to prepare yourself in a better way if you have decided to prepare for this Interview through the books. Buy the best BookIt is conducted by a panel of officers of the Indian Armed Forces. It gives emphasis on OLQs (Officer-like qualities) in a candidate. There are multiple selection centres such as Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, and many others. SSB interviewers reject those candidates who don’t respond naturally to any given circumstance. There is no limit on the number of attempts that one can make for an SSB Interview. Our books cover the complete syllabus of the SSB Interview and give you the complete preparation for this.

Always make your preparation a little better than other candidates because you have to crack the competition. You can download the soft copy of the book from Major kalshi classes website or you check the official website for further details. The earlier institute has only a hard copy of this book, major kalshi classes used to provide these books to their coaching institute’s student only and our students have got better results. Later institute made E-copy of this book which you can download in PDF or you can buy a hard copy of this book.

How to prepare for CDS SSB Interview:

The SSB Interview is completely different than any formal or regular Interview. This Interview is about 5 days long and each different type of test & activity will be conducted. In order to start the preparation. First, you must check the complete procedure of SSB and then start your preparation accordingly.

How to Qualify CDS SSB Interview

Basically, there are around 16 officers like qualities that one must have in order to clear the Interview. If you are completely new to this and do not have any idea about this. I would suggest joining a better SSB training Institute. You can join Major Kalshi Classes for SSB Interview preparation that is run by the Ex- SSB Interview. You can join the Institute to get proper training and education.

The Officer Like Qualities are something that cannot be learned, You will have to implant those qualities in yourself in order to crack the Interview. The selection phase is tough but life is beautiful ahead. Here are a few common points to remember while Interview.

  • Be a gentle person.
  • Do not overact.
  • Never try to be a Hero in front of examiners.
  • Only speak when need.
  • Try to explain yourself in fewer words.
  • Do not point the finger, maintain calmness while GD (Group Discussion).
  • Always support your group and never speak any insulting lines.
  • Present yourself as an Officer. Be gentle while speaking or while doing any activities.

These are the things that you have to implant in yourself to be able to clear this Interview. There are no magical tips or tricks to clear. You will have to work hard on to habits and your Mindsets.

How to Avoid Medical Rejection in SSB Interview

After SSB Interview:

All the candidates who are recommended by the board will stay after the 5th day of the SSB Interview process for the medical examination which may take one week. Fit students with good confidence and good answering skills have better chances of selection. There is nothing like selection or rejection centres, all centres have equal difficulty levels and it purely depends on each candidate whether he/she will be selected or not in the SSB Interview process.

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