LionHearted Officer: Capt.Pawan Kumar(1993-2016)|Shaurya Chakra(Posthumous)

“Cowards die many times before their deaths ;the valiant never taste death but once”. Today we shall know about one such brave son of India Captain Pawan Kumar .

Captain Pawan kumar , the single child of Master Rajbir singh and kamlesh, was  born in Bandhana village of Jind district on 15 January,1993. It would be an extreme co-incidence that this day  is celebrtated as Army Day . Capt. Pawan was very meritorious child from the very early age . He learnt moral ethics from his father, and the adoration for the country came to him from his mother . After completing ,his matriculation and higher studies, he got selected in the renowned institute National Defence Academy .He graduated from the 123 course of the National Defence Academy and was appointed on 14 december 2013. He was commissioned into the 7th Battalion of the Dogra Regiment, an infantry regiment well known for its gallant soldiers and bravery in battlefields.

Capt. Pawan Kumar was a soldier of great mental strength. He volunteered to join the Elite Special Forces and got trained as a Para Commando . In june 2015, he joined 10 Para (SF) battalion, Knbown as the “Desert Scorpions” . The officers and soldiers of this unit are highly trained for desert warfare .

Pampore Operation : 20February 2016

Pulwama district , east of Pir Panjal in kashmir has been regularly facing infiltration . Pulwama district still remains a hotbed of militancy in the Kashmir valley . Rashtriya rifles and the Para Commandos are doing commendable job for sweeping out the militants in the valley . While participating in operations between 16 feb to 18 feb, Capt.Pawan shot two hardcore terrorists but was also wounded . He didn’t cared of the medical leave and joined the team very soon .

On 20 Feb 2016,In Pulwama Lashkar-e-taiba terrorists attacked a CRPF convoy resulted in killing of two policemen an d a civilian . Both the sides got engaged in heavy gun fire .Capt.Pawan led his team from the front and engaged the militants furiously . While the battle, Capt.Pawan got hit by bullets and was severely injured. His body capitulated to his injuries and got martyred . But ,his heroic action asphalted the way for the security force to complete the operation successful .
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His last words from his post was :Kisiko reservation chahiye to kisiki ko azadi bhai. Humein kutch nahin chahiye bhai. Bas apni razai.” 

The unparallel courage and invincible fighting spirit in various operations made him earn the Coveted Shaurya Chakra (posthumously)on 15th August 2016.

Jai Hind.

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