6 Secrets for Clearing SSB Screening Test

How to Clear Screening Test in SSB Interview?

To improve your vocabulary, consider studying 5 new words every day until you understand their meaning and can use them in a sentence.

Hello there, Warriors. As is well known, the SSB method is divided into two stages: Stage I and Stage II. The first stage must be completed before proceeding to the second stage of the SSB.

Stage I is the screening test, which is administered on the first day of the selection process. Candidates are maintained for the following step if this stage is successful; otherwise, they are returned the same day. As a result, in order to pass the SSB, a candidate must pass both phases.

Stage I also includes a verbal and nonverbal intelligence test, as well as a picture perception and description test.

Clear SSB Screening on First Attempt

Screening is the step at which fake and unsuitable applicants are eliminated from further consideration. Here are the six tips for completing Stage I on the first attempt:

  • The first and most important thing to understand is that YOU ARE NOT COMPETING WITH ANYONE Throughout THE SELECTION PROCESS; it is equally conceivable for all applicants to be recommended and for none to be recommended during the selection process. So, unwind and concentrate just on yourself – do your best.
  • The Intelligence Test, often known as the Officer’s Intelligence Rating (OIR) test, is primarily concerned with logical thinking and vocabulary. IMPROVING YOUR LOGICAL REASONING AND GETTING A GOOD GRIP ON VOCABULARY WILL HELP A LOT IN THIS.
  • To improve your vocabulary, consider studying 5 new words every day until you understand their meaning and can use them in a sentence.

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Try this: the first word when you wake up, the second word around brunch time, the third word after lunch, the fourth word in the evening, and the fifth word after dinner, with at least three hours in between. Also, before you go to bed, go through all five terms again. Viola! You’ve learnt 150 words in a month with flawless meaning and sentence use.

  • Play games that challenge your intellect to improve your logical reasoning. Similar to Duet on Android. Additionally, meditate for at least 10 minutes every day to boost your cognitive powers.
  • The following test is the PPDT. An image is presented here, and you must create a tale out of it. The following are some pointers for approaching the PPDT:
  • Pay close attention to the image for the entire 30 seconds. Try to figure out the following from the image in 30 seconds: the number of characters, their age and sex, and their mood/mood of the picture.
  • At last, practise a lot. Find the best study material from MKC Publications.

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