What is the Salary of AFCAT Cadets

AFCAT Cadets Salary During Training: The AFCAT Exam is conducted by the Indian Airforce itself for the selection of the officers into the Indian Airforce service. Here in this article, I will share with you the salary of AFCAT Cadets while they are on training and I will also tell you the salary of  AFCAT Officers when they get posted etc. To get details about this, check the complete article below. I have shared details about the AFCAT allowances and other benefits etc that they while they are on duty etc.

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What is the Salary of AFCAT Cadets:

alary always plays an important role in our motivation, while applying for any job or service we always check the salary and promotion of that job. here in this article, we will discuss the Salary of AFCAT Cadets while they are on training. The salary of AFCAT cadets depends on their wings which they have selected like-Flying Branch, Technical Branch, and Ground duty officers, etc, each of them has different salary a structure we will discuss the overview of the salary of AFCAT.

Here we will see the salary in two phases. First, we will see the salary of AFCAT cadets while they are one training and what kind of allowances they get and after this, we will see the after training salary and allowances etc.

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Salary of AFCAT Cadet During Training:

When the candidates get selected in the service and join the Indian Airforce Academy for the training. The Indian born all the expenses of the training of cadets and even the cadets get Stipend of 21,000/- per month.  This is the fixed Stipent that every trainee cadets get in the service. There are also some allowances also like:

  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Food
  • All the expenses of the trainee cadets like a haircut, shoe polish and all the major Minor expense are born by the academy.

There are also some of the best facilities offers to the cadets. In their free time, they can join clubs and these clubs are completely free for them:

  • Outdoor clubs include archery
  • Astronomy
  • Golf
  • Automotive
  • Martial Arts
  • Aero-modeling
  • Trekking
  • Rock climbing
  • Shooting
  • Sailing
  • Parasailing
  • Paragliding
  • Water skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Skating, etc

The cadets enjoy their life in a very well manner. Now let’s see the Salary of the cadets when they get posted as an officer in the service:

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AFCAT Officer Salary:

he salary of AFCAT cadets depends on their wings which they have selected like-Flying Branch, Technical Branch, and Ground duty officers, etc On an Average the AFCAT Officer gets salary around 56,100/- per month during last one year of your training period at any of the Air Force Training Institutions. This is just a basic salary structure which you will get in hand, they are some other pay also like Military service pay, Travelling and dearness expenses and if you are from the flying branch you will also get a flying allowance.

  • Pay Band of  Rs 56,100 Per Month.
  • Level 10 in the Pay Matrix of VIIth CPC – 56,100-1,10,700.
  • MSP (Military Service Pay) of Rs 15,500 Per Month.

Indian Air Force is the one that considers the well being of its employees and provides numerous benefits and allowances to them. In addition, the following allowances are admissible to the newly Commissioned Officers in Flying and Technical Branches:- Flying Allowance to Flying Branch Officers. Technical Allowance to Technical Branch Officers. The following allowances are being provided to the candidates selected in the different branches of the Indian Air Force:

  • Transport Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Hard Area Allowance
  • Field area
  • Special Compensatory hill area
  • Special Force
  • Siachin allowance
  • Island Special Duty
  • Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer
  • Remote Locality etc.

The Indian Airforce is known for giving the best allowances and benefits for being in the service. The officer gets Comprehensive medical care for them and their family members. Canteen is provided for food. Furnished Accommodations are being provided to them.

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The promotions in Indian Air Force are applicable on the basis of the timescale for the first three ranks. After this, the promotions are done on the basis of the selection that depends upon the frequency with which the job positions get vacant. To get details about the promotion, click on the given link below:

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