What is Responsibility of CDS (Chief of defence Staff)

The Chief of Defense staff aka CDS. Indian Government has recently Added the post for the Chief of Defense Staff, A Chief of Defense Staff is a person who has power and authority to control the Indian Armed forces like Indian Air force, Indian Army and Indian Navy. This is a very strong decision made by the government to get together the forces and can train for the better.  Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete details about the work profile of CDS and What is the Responsibility of CDS (Chief of Defence Staff), etc. To get complete details about this, check the complete article below. I have shared all the details about the Chie of defence staff India.

Life of Pilot in Indian Armed Forces

What is the Responsibility of CDS (Chief of Defence Staff):

this very recently launched post in India. Many countries already have this post. But in Asia India is the first country to do so. The selection of Chief of Defense Staff is made from the Armed forces only. The chiefs of the Indian Air force or Indian Navy or Indian Army etc. any one of them will be selected as the chief of defence staff of the Nation’s Armed forces. The Job and responsibility of the Chief of Defence Staff are very extreme and they have to look for the development of the Indian Armed forces and the CDS is also 1st defence advisor of the government. In any kind of war situation or any situation regarding the nation’s Security, the Chief of Defence Staff will be the 1st advisor of the Government if needed.

This is the Completely new post in India, so the department of Military affairs has been made for the Chief of Defence Staff and the CDS will be the Head of the department and leading towards the development and strength of the Indian Armed forces. The department of military affairs will work and run under the Ministry of defence. Now let’s see the Major Responsibilities of the chief of defence staff.

Types of radars developed by DRDO for Indian Armed Forces

Major Responsibilities of CDS (Chief of Defence Staff):

Here I have listed the top eleven responsibilities that CDS are responsible for. After this, I will also share with you the common work Profile of the CDS (Chief of Defence Staff):

  1. CDS is the head of the Department of Military Affairs as secretary.
  2. The CDS will act as a Principle military advisor to Defence Minister on all tri-Service matters.
  3. CDS will function as the permanent chairman of the Cheif of Defence Committee.
  4. CDS will be the Administrator for the tri-Service Organizations and agencies and parallelly for tri-Service Command.
  5. The CDS will be the Member of the Defence Acquisition Council which is headed by the Defence Minister.
  6. CDS will function as Military Advisor to the Nuclear Command Authority.
  7. The CDS is responsible to bring out the jointness in Operation, Logistics, Transport, Training support service communication, etc.
  8. Facilitation of the restructuring of military commands for optimal utilization of resources by bringing about jointness in the operations and including through the Joint and theatre command.
  9. He will Implement the Five-year Capital Acquisition  Plan.
  10. Assign inter-Services prioritization to capital acquisition proposals based on the anticipated budget.
  11. He will bring lots of reforms in the functioning of Tri-Service with the Aim to increase combat capability.

The basic work profile of the CDS is the armed forces of the Union like the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air force, etc. The Chief of Defence Staff will always work for the development and strength of the nation’s forces. These are the work that the Chief of Defence Staff and department of Ministry Affairs will do. The planning for this post-Chief of Defence Staff was going on after the Kargil war and finally, it came into action. The Ex-Army chief Mr. Vipin Rawat has recently retired from the service and has become the first Chief of Defence Staff. Mr. Vipin Rawat will retire from the service in December 2022.

Gen. Vipin Rawat to be the First Chief of Defense Staff

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