Gen. Vipin Rawat to be the First Chief of Defense Staff

The chief of the Indian Army has been retired form the post of the Indian Amry Chief. Now on 31st December 2019, the new general of Army has taken charge of the post. here in this article, we will discuss this recent news and will also tell you the newly appointed Army Chief. and also the ex-Army chief Mr. Vipin Rawat has been appointed as the first Chief of Defence Staff, First Chief of Defense Staff,  First CDS in India, Vipin Rawat First CDS, etc

Gen. Vipin Rawat to be the First Chief of Defense Staff:

The Vipin Rawat has been appointed as Chief of Defense Staff. He is the first person who is appointed as the Chief of defense staff. The post of Chief of Defense Staff was vacant till yet. Now Mr. Vipin Rawat has become the First Chief of defense staff. let’s see who is called Chief of Defense Staff and whats their responsibility and works.

Who is Called Chief Of Defense Staff:

In India, the post for the CDS was vacant. Now India has got his First Chief Of Defense Staff. The Chief of Defense Staff are head of the Indian Armed forces and they suggest the government in any kind of war activity or for the welfare of the Indian airforce, Indian Army and Indian Navy, etc. They are professional Defense advisor of the government.

The Chief of Defence Staff also focuses on the better synergy between the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. The CDS will also head the newly Established Department of Military affairs within the Ministry of defense. Among the areas of the Chief of the Defense, staff will be promoting the Jointness in procurement, training, and staffing and facilitating and restructuring of the military commands for optimal utilizing the resources.

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Who becomes the Chief Of Defense Staff:

The Chief of Defence Staff is appointed from the Indian Armed forces like Indian Army, Indian Air force and Indian Navy, etc. This is the first time the Indian government has appointed the Chief of Defence Staff and the Government selected the Army Chief for the CDS. Chief of Defence Staff is appointed as per the experience and duty performance in the Service. As a Chief of Defence Staff a person can work up to the 65 years after this he will be permanently retired from the service.

Now the Vipin Rawat will be handling the post of Chief of Defence Staff till December 2022 and for the post of the Army chief, the Manoj Mukund Naravane has been appointed as the new Chief of the Army Staff. The Idea of creation of such post goes back to the General V.K Singh. The planning for the Chief of Defence Staff was going on after the Kargil war and It is very important in today’s era.

Lt. Gen Manoj Mukunda Naravane Army Chief

The Chief of Defence Staff is described by the official as the “First Among equals” among service. apart from being the Government military advisor, the CDS will be also head in department fo Military affairs. The Chief of Defence Staff has the authority to direct the service chief of Army, Air force and Navy, etc.
The Chief of Defence Staff will be also a member of the Defence Acquisition Council chaired by the Ministry of defense and defense planning Committee chaired by the National Security Advisor.

The CDS’ salary and perquisites will be the same as the Service Chiefs. The CDS will come under the act Right to Information.


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