Operation HimVijay by Indian Army Conducted in Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian Army always keeps practicing the new drills and exercises for the betterment, these things are not new for the nation but only some times it happens when the exercise is done like a real war. This time the India army is about to start the practice called HimVijay in Arunachal Pradesh, Here in this article we will cover this topic Indian army HimVijay operation, Operation HimVijay by Indian Army, Indian Army practice HimVijay, etc.

Operation HimVijay by Indian Army conducted in Arunachal Pradesh:-

The Indian Army has practiced in the Arunanchal Pradesh as HimVijay. Over 15,000 soldiers backed by tanks, medium artillery, helicopters, and transport aircraft to take part in the exercise and this exercise was held in Arunachal Pradesh. This exercise was held away from the line of actual control (LAC) with China. This exercise was held  at a time when Chinese President Xi Jinping was about to come in India. This exercise is assumed the greatest significance that the Army seen in action for the first time as IBGs (Integrated battlegroup). the brainchild of Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat.

As per the report, the three mountain IBGs (Integrated battlegroups) carved out of  Panagadh base 17 corps. This is the 59th division which will be in action. the Exercise will be keenly watched by the top security czars of the Narendra Modi government and the Army Chief. The IBGs are touted to be the mainstay of future operational strategies in the Western, Northern and Easterns Theatres. The Indian Air force has also roped in for strategic airlift and personal equipment.  These will be done by the Indian airforce transport planes and a helicopter from the Indian Army and Indian Airforce.

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As per the report, the assets which will be used in this activity will be from the Tejpur Base. The Indian army kept it secret about this exercise but the planning for this exercise was going on from the last 7 months.  The information about this Excercise has been given to the Chinese Government and this exercise is held away from the Line of actual control (LAC). It also indicated that whenever the exercise of such a massive proportion is undertaken along with any theatre. The neighboring country is always informed.

India Army keeps doing this kind of activities and the Indian Air force was also taken part in this massive exercise and the things will be kept real and the theme of this exercise operation was to create a real war zone situation. This exercise about to be held when the Chinese President will arrive in India. Indian Army has done many practices like this but this might be the biggest and more realistic Exercise that is going to be done by the Indian army with the Indian Airforce.


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There was no major role of the Indian airforce, none of the Fighter jets were enrolled in this exercise, only the transport planes were inducted for the airlift. Most part of the exercise was done by the Indian Army soldiers under the guidance of the officers.

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