What is AFSPA, Questions related to AFSPA in SSB Interview?

Armed Forces Special Powers Act i.e. AFSPA is an important topic for SSB Interview. From this topic, candidates can improve their group discussion and the topics that will be asked in the interview. Let us know why AFSPA is necessary for the SSB interview and why it is so much discussed. SSB interview is a tough interview related to the army. In which the candidates should know almost all the facts related to the army. In this fact also comes the AFSPA. Which are asked in the SSB interview. We are giving you information about what type of questions related to AFPA can be asked in an SSB interview.

What is AFSPA:-

  • The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) was introduced in 1958 to implement this Act, the Indian Armed Forces are given special powers to maintain better order in disturbed areas like Jammu and Kashmir, North-Eastern states, etc.
  • Based on the rules of this power given to the security forces, the assembly of 5 or more persons in any one city (disturbed area) is prohibited. If this is not the case, then force can be used to reduce that crowd or shooting can also be done if needed.
  • If the security forces have any kind of suspicion, they can go inside any house and investigate without any warrant. He can even arrest them if necessary. If they suspect that unnecessary weapons are present in a house, they can search without a permit.

How the AFSPA Act was made:

  • The Indian Armed Forces were given this right so that they can stop the disturbances in the disturbed areas and do not allow disturbances. The genesis of Act 10 was earlier in the context of the ever-increasing violence in the states falling in the North-East region.
  • Because for some time the agitation by the state governments and other anti-national riots was finding it difficult to control.
  • Special powers are conferred on the Armed Forces when the members of both the parties agree in the Parliament. The Armed Forces Bill was successfully passed in both the houses and assented to by the President on 11 September 1958.
  • This Special Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which was passed in the Indian Parliament, is also known as 1958.

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What is a disturbed area:-

  • Such an area of ​​any state can be declared as disturbed where there is a situation of disturbance due to discrimination between different religions, languages, racism, caste community, etc.
  • Before declaring any area as disturbed, the Central Government / Governor / Administrator of Union Territories can declare that state as disturbed. For this the permission of these people is necessary.
  • Mostly it has been observed that the Ministry of Home Affairs enforces this special power but in some such cases, the Ministry of Home Affairs also leaves this decision to the State Government.
  • Presently the disturbed area includes the entire Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, and some parts of Arunachal Pradesh. For the last few decades, Jammu and Kashmir used to fall in the disturbed area.

What is the controversy over ASPFA?

For the past few months, it has been seen that people living in disturbed areas are calling this act a radical right. Let us know why it is being opposed.

  • After the enactment of this act, some human rights groups also see this act as a harsh act. They also continue to protest against the aggressiveness of this act.
  • IromSharmila, who lives in Manipur, is constantly opposing this act.He also went on a hunger strike in November 2000 to stop this act and in August 2016 remained adamant that the act should be stopped here.
  • A similar incident happened in the town of Malom in Manipur. Where 10 people waiting at a bus stop were killed.
  • In the year 2018, due to increasing pressure on the government there, some relaxation has also been given in this act in areas like Meghalaya.

Questions related to AFSPA that can be asked in SSB Interview

This act is necessary from the point of view of the SSB interview. Following are some of the questions related to this Act that can be asked in SSB

  • When did AFSPA come into force?
  • Who implements the Armed Forces Special Powers Act?
  • Under what circumstances does the Ministry of Home Affairs depend on the State Government to implement this Act?
  • Why is there opposition to this act?
  • Under what circumstances the Armed Forces Special Powers Act is invoked?
  • Who declares the disturbed area?
  • In which state at present, this act was implemented due to the disturbing atmosphere?

Many such questions are asked in the SSB interview during this group discussion. By reading the above article, you can get the solution to all the questions.

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