Army TGC 135 SSB Interview Date 2022, Know the Expected SSB Date

Every year many vacancies are taken out by the Army Officers Recruitment Department for technical posts in the Indian Army. In today’s article, we will give you information about Army TGC 135 SSB Interview Date and Interview Process. When a candidate applies for the Army TGC exam, in this selection process the candidate has to appear in the SSB interview.

The technical graduate course is one such entry that allows the candidates who have obtained an engineering degree to join the Indian Army directly. To know the details of the TGC SSB interview date and procedure, check the information below. Here we provide complete information on the TGC 135 Interview date and its procedure.

Army TGC 135 SSB Interview Date 2022:-

In the TGC exam, only those candidates are shortlisted for SSB interviews who fulfil the required information while applying. The shortlisted candidates for the SSB interview have to appear on the given date. Army TGC 135 SSB Interview Date Only tentative date has been revealed so far. According to the notification received so far, the SSB interview will be conducted in May-June 2022. Whereas the course of technical graduate course will start from July 2022.

Let us know what you have to do after getting shortlisted for the interview. The date of the SSB interview is declared only after the cut-off of candidates and shortlisting of candidates. So far it is seen that the date of the SSB interview is declared probably within 2 months of the notification of Army TGC.

Expected TGC-135 SSB Date:-

According to the notification of Technical Graduate Course TGC-135, the date of the SSB interview will probably be held after 15th May 2022 or in the first week of June 2022. Aspirants keep visiting the official website regularly till the SSB interview date is not declared officially.

Procedure to Register for Army TGC 135 SSB Interview:

If you also want to serve in the technical department in the Indian Army, then the application form of Army TGC must be done for you. Selected for Army TGC 135 SSB Interview You have to visit the official website of the Indian Army and register yourself for SSB Interview. If all the information given by you is correct then you will be selected for the SSB interview. If selected, the candidate is required to reach the specified date and place.

You will have to submit all your relevant documents by reaching the place of SSB interview selection. Candidates must keep in mind that they must read the guidelines while applying. Normally there are only three SSB interview centres for technical graduate courses where you have to appear. There are a total of 3 SSB centres in the Indian Army that interviews the Technical Graduate Course and TES Technical Admission. These centres are:-Allahabad, Bhopal, and Bangalore. You can choose the nearest SSB Interview Center as per your convenience from the above-mentioned three centres.

Army TGC 135 SSB Interview Process:-

SSB interviews are held in almost all the officially conducted examinations conducted in the Indian Army. It is generally seen that the SSB interviews held in all the departments are of the same type. Along with this, the preparation for these interviews is also done in the same way. The only difference is that for which department you are selected. You are asked questions related to the department for which you have appeared in the interview. The technical graduate course is in a direct entry form, so you are not required to take any kind of written test.

What Happens in Conference on the Last Day of the SSB Interview.

Army SSB Interview Process 2021, Day to Day Procedure.

How to Prepare TGC-135 SSB Interview:-

To prepare for the SSB interview, you must read the best guidance and best books related to the SSB interview. If you are residing in any part of the country and want to prepare for an SSB interview then you can register for an online mock test by visiting the official website of Major Kalshi Classes. Along with this, you can also order suitable books for interview preparation sitting at home. You have to prepare well to get good marks in the SSB interview. The interview is a total of 900 marks.

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