10 Amazing facts about NSG Commando of India

The National Security Guard was established after Operation Blue Star in 1984. This guard is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The main functions of these forces are against internal disturbances, defence of the states, and counter-terrorism. The commandos of India’s National Security Guard rank fifth among the Special Forces around the world. But few people know more about this force. In today’s article, we will tell you about 10 Amazing facts about NSG Commando.

10 Amazing facts about NSG Commando of India

  1. NSG is based on Germany’s GSG9:-Very few people know that the best commando NSG in India is made based onGSG9 of Germany. Just as Germany’s GSG9 works, similarly the work of NSG in India has also been fixed.The task of NSG commandos is that they can stop terrorist activities in India. The main objective of forming NSG is only to improve the security of the country.
  2. The division of NSG commandos into two parts: – National Security Guard commandos are divided into two parts. National Security Guard commandos are divided into two parts which the first part is the Special Action Group (SAG). The Special Action Group which is part of the Security Guard Commandos. They do their work only by joining the Indian Army. They are sent to work individually only when required.This group is very aggressive and skilled in combat skills.While the second group is the Special Rangers Group. This group consists of members of organizations like CRPF, BSF, Indo-Tibetan Police Border, and Rapid Force.At present, the number of commandos of the Indian National Security Guard is more than 14500.
  3. Knowing the name of Black Cat: – Very few people know that the commandos of the National Security Guard are known as Black Cats.That’s why his black drill cotton overcoat and his uniform symbolize the black cat.
  4. Extremely hard training: – NSG commandos have to work very hard in their training.Their training lasts for 3 months. During this, they have to do martial arts, jumping from heights, cross country obstacle courses, shooting, etc.Due to such tough training, only about 60% of the soldiers leave the training in the middle.
  5. Headshot: – You must have noticed that when commandos shoot someone, they only aim at the head.This is because during training they are trained to headshot only.While doing this headshot, they have to hit two targets at once.To perform this headshot, the NSG commandos have to work very hard during the training itself so that no target can ever escape.
  6. Training Tendency: – Their tendency is very difficult during training.During this, war training is given in the form of a demo to prepare them for war.During this, the training is equipped with all kinds of necessary protective gear.The main objective of Demo Warfare is to hit his shooting targets with utmost precision.
  7. Alert Status: This is a very important step during the training of NSG commandos.In such a situation, they have to fire an average of 14000 rounds within 1 week.This increases the firing ability of the commandos and they can strike more in less time than too with accuracy.
  8. 85% Attendance: – If any soldiers have to join the NSG commando force. They are required to give more than 85% attendance during their training period.Soldiers are not trained if attendance is less than this.
  9. Tanning in different Countries: – Sometimes they are also sent to Israel for training.Where they are given better skills and the best training of the crooked group.Due to the ability to fight in foreign countries, living in that environment, if need be, then these commandos also get an opportunity to serve in foreign countries as well.
  10. Drawing black lines on the face during Operation Training War:- You must have seen that when the National Security Guard goes on an operation, they make black lines on their face.This is done because they consider the black cat as a symbol.Doing this is also a part of training.

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