21 Indian Army Facts that You Don’t Know

The Indian Army is the biggest part of India’s Armed Forces. Some nearby countries support terrorism, and there are often threats of invasion from them. We also deal with problems like illegal immigration, militant intrusions, and other internal issues and disasters. Thanks to the Indian Army, India stays strong and proud despite all these challenges.

We can never thank our entire Armed Forces enough for what they do for us and our country. The Indian Army is one of the strongest in the world, ranking third in size. It’s highly respected in India, and many people dream of serving in it. While we might know about some of their successes and how they help civilians, there are some lesser-known facts that will make you admire them even more.

Unknown Facts of Indian Army

  • The Indian Army has some impressive achievements and capabilities:
  • They control the highest battlefield in the world, the Siachen glacier, which is 5000 meters above sea level.
  • In 1971, they accepted the surrender of 93,000 Pakistani soldiers, setting a world record.
  • The Indian Army is the largest voluntary army globally, with all members choosing to serve.
  • They’re highly skilled in high-altitude and mountain warfare, with their High Altitude Warfare School training soldiers from around the world.
  • Adolf Hitler admired the Gurkha Regiment for their combat prowess.
  • India conducted secret nuclear tests in the 1970s and 1990s, surprising the CIA.
  • They train soldiers from countries like the US, UK, and Russia.
  • Unlike many other Indian organizations, the army doesn’t have reservations based on caste or religion.
  • The Indian Army has never staged a coup or initiated an attack in any war.
  • In the Battle of Longewala, Indian soldiers held off a much larger Pakistani force with only minimal casualties.
  • They have historic regiments like the President’s Bodyguard and the Poona Horse Regiment.
  • Operation Rahat in 2013 was a massive civilian rescue operation during floods in Uttarakhand.
  • Sam Manekshaw, an IMA graduate, became India’s first Field Marshal.
  • The Military Engineering Services is a major construction agency responsible for impressive projects like the Khardungla Pass.
  • The Indian Army built the world’s highest bridge, the Bailey Bridge, in Ladakh in 1982.
  • Sepoy Kamal Ram received the Victoria Cross at 19 for bravery during World War 2.
  • The oldest paramilitary force is the Assam Regiment, formed in 1835.
  • The 16th Light Cavalry, formed in 1776, is the oldest armored regiment.
  • Indian Army Special Forces conducted surgical strikes in 2016 against terrorist targets in Pakistani-administered Kashmir.
  • In the 2020 China–India skirmishes, Indian soldiers reportedly killed around 150 Chinese soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.
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