The final user trial of NAG Missile (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) has done.

Indian defense scientists on Thursday successfully completed the third and final user trial of the anti-tank guided missile NAG. Here in this article, I will you about the latest news related to the Indian defense. The final user trial of NAG Missile (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) has done. Check out the complete article below to get all the details about this recent news.

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The Final user trial of NAG Missile (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) has done:

Indian defense scientists on Thursday successfully completed the third and final user trial of the anti-tank guided missile Nag, clearing the decks for commercial production of the weapon, whose development began nearly four decades ago.

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The DRDO said in the statement that The missile was integrated with the actual warhead and a tank target (a discarded Vijayant tank) was kept at the designated range. The missile hit the target accurately, defeating the armor. This Anti-Tank Guided missile NAG has been developed by DRDO to engage highly fortified enemy tanks in day and night conditions. The missile has “Fire & Forget” “Top Attack” capabilities.

The NAG missile carrier NAMICA is a BMP II-based system with amphibious capability. With this final user trial, NAG will enter into the production phase. The missile will be produced by Defence PSU Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), whereas Ordnance Factory Medak will produce the AMICA.

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Details of NAG Missile:

NAG has a minimum range of 500 meters and a maximum of 20 km, depending on the launch type. It has a top speed of 230 meters/second (or 828 km/hour). It has four foldable flaps with a wingspan of 0.4 m each. The missile is 1.85m long, weighs 43kg, and 0.20m in diameter. However, the ‘Man-Portable’ variant is smaller and lighter with a 15kg load capacity.

The front nose houses the guidance system, the middle part of the missile has all the sensors and the warhead. The rear part has booster rocket motor that propels the missile. It also has four tail fins for stabilization to keep the missile on track while in flight.

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How NAG Missile Works:

NAG is a fire-and-forget, lock-on-before-launch missile. The missile locks target before its release. The missile operators first locate the enemy tanks with the help of thermal imaging. After identifying the target, a thermal reference image of the target is captured and locked into the Nag’s seeker system.

The missile is launched towards the locked target with this reference image. As the missile moves towards the target at a high speed, it keeps capturing target images and cross-check it simultaneously with the reference image. Any deviations from the set path is corrected through Nag’s four control fins. It all happens at a very high speed of 230 meter/second and within a range of 4-20 km, depending on the launch type.

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Indian Armed forces always upgrade their defense system. The defense Minister also congratulated the Armed forces for this new missile. It is going to help the armed forces in a better manner. The best thing about the missile is, it is India’s things and has been completely designed by Indian scientists.

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