T-72 Ajeya Tanks Specifications which is deployed in India China border amid Standoff

T-72 Ajeya Tanks Specifications:- Friends recently built many warships and warplanes in India and also upgraded some military goods. Recently India has built and is testing a warship named T-72 Ajeya in the country. In view of the border dispute between India and China, India has deployed T-90 and T-72 tanks in the areas of Ladakh. Indian army with the help of these tanks is ready to beat enemies even in -40 degrees. In view of the tension, the Indian Army has implemented plans to survive the terrible winter in 8 disputed areas of Ladakh. T-90 and T-72 tanks can sour enemy’s teeth even in terrible winter.

What reasons T-72 Ajeya deploy on the border?

The Indian Army is fully prepared for the challenges being faced by China on the border. T-90 and T-72 tanks and have been delivered to inaccessible areas like East Ladakh. No country in the world can deploy tanks in such areas. In the adjoining to Line of actual control(LAC), Chumar and Demchok areas the deployment of these tanks has led to increased tension in China. This tank can operate easily at -40 degree temperatures. India has deployed these tanks near LAC with BMP-2 infantry combat vehicles.

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T-72 Ajeya Tanks Specifications and Variant of T-72 Ajeya

T-72 Ajeya, The tank has several variants of which India uses the T-72 Ajeya tank of the MK-1 & MK-2 system. Here we will tell you about the names and potential of some of the T-72 Ajeya variants.

Tanks VariantSpecification
T-72 AKIt is the Commander model of the P-72A with additional communications equipment and two antennae.
T-72MIt is similar to the export-demand model version 30 72A. but its thinner armor and downgraded weapons make these significantly stronger.
T 72 M1It is the latest T2M and is fitted with a 16 mm armor plate, providing protection to the tank.
T 72 M1 MT 72 M1M, This battle tank is an upgrade of all its old battle tanks. It includes firepower safety mobility control and reliability as well as the fourth generation tank.
T-72BTee 72b This tank is designed to have a firearm and control over the fire.The firing capacity of the gun mounted in the Yashi tank is Nine m119The engine of this leg is 840 horsepower. The tank has 20 mm armor on it.
T 72 B3This tank has 9M119 missile guns and fire control is present. Its engine is 1130 horsepower.
T73 T3MIt is also called T4 Tank. It is the best and latest technology tank.

Significance of T-72 tank

  • The tank is equipped with a 125 mm smooth organ with a lightweight alloy, thermal sleeve and 1 bore equator.
  • T-72 Ajeya tank is fitted with a 7.62 mm vacuum machine gun.
  • It has a 12.6 mm NSVT thermal Machine Gun.
  • This tank has 12 smoke grenade discharges.
  • The thickness of the armour of this tank is more than 500 to 600 millimetres.
  • The total weight of this tank is 46500 kg.
  • T-72 Ajeya tank has been with Algeria, Angola, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, etc.
  • Originally, this tank has been designed by Russia.
  • The maximum speed of this tank is 60 kilometres per hour on the road.
  • T-72 Ajeya tank is equipped with accessories like NBC security system night vision system, laser ranged fighter kit, etc.
  • A total of 3 soldiers can operate in this bank at a time.
  • T-72 Ajeya maximum range of this tank is 480 km. If you carry extra fuel in it, then it can cover a distance of 550 km.
  • The length of the stand is 9.54 meters width 3.59 meters and height 2.23 meters.
  • India has included modern weapons in this tank due to which this tank is also known as the invincible tank.

Friends, today we gave information about the new tank T-72 Ajeya of India, which has recently been deployed on the borders of India and China. The biggest feature of this tank is that this tank runs on such fuel that does not freeze even at a temperature of -40 degrees centigrade. T-72 Ajeya tank has been made so strong that the shells of ordinary banks on this tank are neutralized. India can easily dominate its neighboring countries through this tank.

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