100+ SSB Interview Technical Questions For Engineering Students

SSB Interview Technical Questions For Engineering Students:- To join the Indian Armed Forces candidates have to go through the toughest interview round of SSB. During the SSB Interview, the candidates are asked their personal questions or other academic questions during the SSB Personal Interview held on the last day. If you join Indian Armed Forces through National Defense Academy or Combined Defense Service then you do not have to attempt engineering-related questions. But to join the Indian Armed Forces, there are many such entrance examinations in which candidates with engineering degrees fill the application form.

Candidates with engineering degrees fill out many application forms like UES, Technical Graduate Course, SSC Tech, and AFCAT. All these candidates are asked many questions related to engineering degrees during the SSB interview. In today’s article, we are giving you information on 100+ SSB Interview Technical Questions for Engineering Students related to questions asked during SSB interviews. Let us first know which engineering branch you can join the Indian Armed Forces by filling out the application form related to the engineering degree of the Indian Armed Forces.

Engineering Degree Branches for Indian Armed Forces: –

Candidates with an engineering degree, if they have done engineering from any one of the branches given below, then they can easily join the armed forces by filling out their application form.

  • Metallurgy & Explosives/Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Engg/Industrial Engg & Mgt/Production
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science& Engg/Computer Technology/Info Tech / M.Sc. Computer Science
  • Electrical/Electrical & Electronics
  • Electronics & Instrumentation/Instrumentation
  • Electronics & Telecom/Telecommunication/Electronics &Communication /Satellite Communication
  • Aeronautical/Aviation/Aerospace/Ballistics/Avionics
  • Architecture/Building Construction Technology
  • Automobile/Workshop Technology
  • Electronics/Opto Electronics/Fiber Optics/Micro Electronics & Microwave
  • Food Tech/Bio Tech/Bio Medical Engineering.

100+ SSB Interview Technical Questions

Let us know if you fill the application form according to different branches in the Indian Armed Forces, then what types of SSB Interview Technical Questions can be asked.

SSB personSSB Interview Technical Questions are related to civil engineering:-

  1. What are the factors involved in the concreting process in civil engineering? Explain.
  2. What will happen if the number of concrete boxes is increased in the construction of garden bridges?
  3. How is the number of each of their units determined in the context of concrete box girder bridges?
  4. When concrete is used for these works why pumping should not be used in those works?
  5. What is each of the types of slump test indicators? Name them.
  6. Explain the importance of breeding under the stormwater drain.
  7. Why is the pull-out test used in soil nails?
  8. Explain concrete curing in full in words?
  9. Why put steel plates in elastomeric bearings?
  10. What is used for reinforcement in the process of prestressing?
  11. What should be considered before choosing the orientation of the wing walls in the design of bridge arguments?
  12. What according to you should be the priority of a civil engineer?
  13. What kind of problems do you think a civil engineer has to face?
  14. What is OSHA Compliance?
  15. What is reinforced concrete?
  16. Explain what is Hybrid Foundation?
  17. What are the common methods of demolition?
  18. Explain what is flashing?
  19. Mention the different types of roof systems?
  20. Explain what is a change order request?
  21. What is included in a construction cost and what is not?
  22. Explain what is Critical Path Method (C.P.M) is?
  23. What are a Labor and Materials Payment Bond?
  24. Explain what is a structural frame or system?
  25. Explain what is a zoning permit?
  26. What does 1/8 represent on an Architect Ruler?
  27. List some software programs that can be useful for architects?
  28. What are the things an architect has to keep in mind before starting any project?
  29. Which are the top civil engineer apps for you?
  30. What should be the standard height of the ceiling?

SSB Interview Technical Questions are related to Mechanical engineering:-

  1. What is the difference between projectile speed and rocket speed?
  2. Which pump has good working efficiency? Reciprocating of Centrifugal?
  3. How hydraulic clutch works?
  4. What are the types of pumps?
  5. What is a cotter joint?
  6. How can we see the pipe behind the wall?
  7. What is the meaning of FOF in pipe design?
  8. What is meant by a positive displacement pump?
  9. How is the air leakage checked?
  10. What is meant by Green Field Project?
  11. What are the differences between pneumatics and hydraulics?
  12. Why hydraulics should be used instead of pneumatics?
  13. What is isometric drawing?
  14. What are the advantages of gear drive?
  15. How many types of gears are there?
  16. What is the cavitation in the pump?
  17. What is the role of nitrogen in welding?
  18. How can the cavity in the pump be removed?
  19. What is the mechanical advantage of a double pulley?
  20. What is the meaning of CFM in compressors?
  21. Why is cavitation in centrifugal pumps only? Why is it not in the displacement pump?
  22. What is the difference between hydraulic oil and engine oil?
  23. What skills are required for a Maintenance and Repair Technician?
  24. Why Centrifugal Pump is called a High Discharge Pump?
  25. What is the function of the compressor?
  26. What is gear? And what is his work?
  27. Whycentrifugal pump is not in the displacement pump?
  28. What is Kinematic Viscosity?
  29. What are the challenges in maintenance work?
  30. Why does cavitation happen in centrifugal pumps only?

SSB personal interview questions related to Electric and Electronics engineering:-

  1. What is a transformer called?
  2. What is Distribution Transformer?
  3. How does a transformer work?
  4. What is a Current Transformer (CT)?
  5. What is a Potential Transformer (PT)?
  6. Can the transformer work on DC supply?
  7. What is a step up and step down transformer?
  8. What is the function of oil in a transformer?
  9. How many types of transformers are there?
  10. What should be the BDV of transformer oil?
  11. What is an autotransformer?
  12. Where are the shell type transformers and core type transformers used?
  13. What is the eddy current loss in a transformer?
  14. What is a power transformer?
  15. Why is the core laminated in a transformer?
  16. Why short circuit test is done in the transformer?
  17. What is called hysteresis loss in a transformer?
  18. How can I reduce the hysteresis loss?
  19. Why transformer is the rated in KVA?
  20. What is the rating of the transformer in KVA?
  21. What are the losses in the transformer?
  22. Why open circuit test is done in the transformer?
  23. Which one is tested in the transformer?
  24. What is the function of the Breather in the transformer?
  25. What is the function of the Buchholz relay in the transformer?
  26. Why back to back sumpner’s test is done in the transformer?
  27. What are the conditions for the parallel running of the transformer?
  28. What are the parts of the transformer?
  29. What is the function of the conservator in the transformer?
  30. What is the role of the Electric circuit in Electronics?

SSB personal interview questions related to Computer Science engineering:-

  1. Define the microprocessor?
  2. Name the component of the computer system.
  3. How to a computer operate? Name them some software.
  4. What is Programming software?
  5. What is the difference between OS and Application software?
  6. Name them some computer processors?
  7. What are you know about Super-class?
  8. What is a class variable?
  9. Define SDLC?
  10. What are the means of file?
  11. How to define programming language?
  12. Mention some features of IDE.
  13. What is a framework?
  14. Define is an Interface?
  15. What are you know about the class?
  16. Difference between constructor and method abstract class and interface.
  17. Explain abstract class?
  18. What is the role of an array?
  19. What are cin and cout?
  20. Mention the difference between C++ and C?
  21. What are you understand by constructor?
  22. Write the constructor component.
  23. Explain artificial intelligence?
  24. Tell me about machine learning?
  25. What are you know about deep learning?
  26. What are the OOPS principles?
  27. Mention the difference between interpreter and compiler?
  28. Define inheritance?
  29. Mention the difference between constructor and method?
  30. Name them some Layers of the OSI Model.

Various types of questions are asked to the candidates who have obtained their engineering degree during SSB in the Indian Armed Forces, depending on their branch. Open we gave you information about some different provinces and also gave information about which questions you can ask related to them. To prepare yourself for the SSB interview and personal interview, join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today and improve your preparation by studying the best books. You can use the below contact number and the official website to join Major Kalshi Classes and get the best books.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • Which application forms can be filled out by candidates with an engineering degree?
    Ans: –
    Candidates with an engineering degree can fill out the application form for various exams like Technical Graduate Course in Armed Forces, SSC Tech, UES, and AFCAT.
  • Are there interviews for technical graduate course candidates like general candidates?
    Ans: –
    Questions are asked in the interview according to the level from which the general candidate fills the application form.
  • Which books to study for interview preparation?
    Ans: –
    You can go through the books of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to prepare well for any stage of the SSB Interview.
  • Can I prepare for the SSB interview online by sitting at home?
    Ans: –
    Staying at home, you can prepare for an SSB interview with the MKC learning application and MKC’s YouTube channel.
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