Best Book for SSB Interview Preparation 2022

In Indian Armed Forces there are various exams like NDA, CDS, and AFCAT which are conducted for different forces. Through all these exams candidates join Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army. After clearing these examinations, the candidate is appointed to the rank of lieutenant. But do you know that after how much hard work a normal candidate reaches the rank of lieutenant in the Indian Army? All the candidates who are preparing for the examinations related to the Armed Forces must know this. But the candidates who are now thinking of joining the Armed Forces and want to get information about the examinations, then this article will be very beneficial for them.

To join the Armed Forces and get appointed to the rank of lieutenant, a candidate has to clear the written examination of each of the examinations and the SSB interview. Generally, the written examination of these examinations is according to your syllabus but the SSB interviews under these examinations are much more difficult than other similar interviews. If you have not yet got information about the SSB interview, then in this article we are providing you with general information about the SSB interview. To get the detailed information, you can go through the SSB interview in detail by using the link given in the article. Let us now know where to start preparing for the SSB interview which is considered to be the toughest in the Armed Forces and which books you can read to ensure your success.

SSB Interview Preparation: – It is generally very difficult to complete the preparation for this tough interview of Armed Forces in a month or two. For this, the candidate has to prepare for a long time. If you are appearing for an SSB interview for the first time then you will need a good coaching institute and textbook for SSB preparation. You can join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to prepare for all stages related to SSB Interview In this coaching institute, you are provided with all kinds of information and preparation related to the SSB interview. The questions asked in the SSB interview and the tasks to be done physically are also prepared in the MKC coaching institute.

Best Book for SSB Interview Preparation 2022:-

To clear the SSB interview, candidates also have to go through the best books. By studying all the books available in the market, you cannot prepare for your exam in a given time. So you can continue your exam preparation by buying the best SSB interview books published by Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. In this article, we will give you information about the Best Books for SSB interviews, which you can study to ensure and strengthen your exam preparation. Let us know how the SSB interview is conducted and which tasks are given to you during the SSB interview.

1. OIR and PPDT book
2. GD and Lecturette book ·        
3. How to crack SSB Interview book
4. SSB Interview workbook 2022

NDA SSB Interview Process 2022:-

Generally, this interview is conducted for five to six days at the centres of the SSB interview. Each day the candidates have to do different tasks. These tasks are divided into two parts. In the below article, we are giving information about all the parts.

NDA SSB Interview process is divided into two categories –

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2.
Stage 1Stage 2
Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description Test (OIR and PPDT)1. Screening Tests
2. Psychology Test
3. GTO Tasks

-Progressive Group Tasks(PGT)
-Individual Obstacles
-Half Group Tasks(HGT)
-Group Planning Exercise
-Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race(GOR)
-Group Discussion(GD)
-Final Group Task(FGT)
Command Task(CT)
5. Conference
SSB Interview Preparation book 20221. OIR and PPDT book
2. GD and Lecturette book ·        
3. How to crack SSB Interview book
4. SSB Interview workbook 2022

Stage-I of SSB Interview:-

This Stage Involves Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description Test.

To crack the Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Pressure Patient and Description test to be held in Stage I, you may order OIR Books to be published by Major Kalshi Classes. You can get these books sitting at home by visiting the official website of MKC or you can get these books soon by clicking on the link given below.

  • Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description (OIR and PPDT) book:- Click Here

Stage-2 of SSB interview:-

Stage-II includes Interview, Group Testing Officer Task, Psychology Test, and Conference as well. In addition to this, Stage 2 of this interview takes 4 days to complete.

The five steps NDA SSB Interview Process is given as follows:-

Day 0(Day of Reporting): The candidates have to report to the railway stations in the morning. From here SSB officials will escort them up. Hereby, candidates are required to show up all the requisite documents and furthermore for upcoming steps.

Day 1(Screening Tests): The first day starts here, hence with a series of tests to be held. The candidates have to give a verbal and a non-verbal intelligence test. A picture perception test will also be conducted. Thereafter storytelling will be held. Those candidates who qualify for all these rounds are sent to another day.

Day 2(Psychology Test): To sum up as a whole, the candidates’ presence of mind is tested here. With the help of different sorts of examinations. Mainly the selectors test the reactions of the candidate in different situations.

Day 3 and Day 4(GTO Tasks): These are outdoor tasks assigned to each candidate. To test the physical abilities and the group performance capacity of the candidate. Most of the tasks given to the candidates are group tasks.

You must read the book of MKC under SSB Interview to get success in Group Discussion and Lecturette to be conducted in SSB Interview. Below we are providing you with the link to buy the best book for this task. You can easily buy these books by visiting the MKC official website by clicking on the link.

The next two tasks are usually called the GTO test. This test has the following test:-

  • Group Discussion(GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Tasks(PGT)
  • Half Group Tasks(HGT)
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race(GOR)
  • Command Task(CT)
  • Lecturette
  • Final Group Task(FGT)

Variation can be found in the sequence of the GTO test given above. Because these tests are conducted by the officials and can be conducted by the officials in any order.

  • Group Discussion(GD) and Lecturette book:- Click Here

Day 5 (Conference): In this final round, a personal interview is held for all the qualified candidates of the GTO round. After this, the selection personnel conduct a conference with the candidate.

Today we shared with you the tasks and information related to each day to be conducted in the SSB interview. We hope that by taking advantage of this information related to the SSB interview, you will be able to prepare for your SSB interview in a better way. Have ordered all types of books related to the SSB interview today and improve your exam preparation. All the books given above will be available to you from Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute on the official website. To buy all these books, you click on the given link and get them by paying a simple fee sitting at home. Join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today to prepare for the SSB interview and all other tasks thoroughly.

Apart from this, you can also appear in the mock test of the SSB interview sitting at home. Major Kalshi Classes conducts a mock interview of SSB Interview on the online platform. To join these mock tests today, download MKC’s learning application and appear in the mock interview SSB interview. Join MKC to prepare for SSB interviews and all types of examinations related to the Armed Forces.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Which are the best books to prepare for the SSB interview?

You must read the books published by Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to prepare better for the SSB interview to be conducted in the Armed Forces

What are the tests conducted in the SSB interview?

The SSB interview exam is conducted for 5-6 days. During this period, candidates have to appear for various tests like OIR, PPDT, GTO, and Screening Test. All these tests are conducted on different days.

What happens at the SSB interview conference held?

In the conference held on the last day of the SSB interview, the results of all the tasks to be done by the officials are published by the candidates within 5 to 6 days. In which the candidates who qualify are sent for the next stage i.e. Medical Test and those who fail are sent home.

Due to which reasons candidates are excluded from the SSB interview on the very first day?

On the first day of the SSB interview, when the PIQ forms are filled by the candidates and documents are checked, and also on the very first day of failing in the PPDT, the candidates are sent home on the very first day.

Can I reappear for the SSB interview?

Once you are out you cannot reappear in the SSB interview for the year and exam you go through you will have to crack the exam again to be held next year.

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