Role Responsibilities of PARA Special Forces (PARA SF).

The PARA SF are used for more special missions and secret operations in enemy territory. PARA Special Forces do not often operate as an entire Battalion. Some of the best and strongest soldiers of the Indian Army are selected for special tasks to make the Indian Armed Forces better and stronger. PARA Special Forces of the Indian Army are appointed to complete any secret and officially secret tasks. But do you know that who are the best Special Forces from the Indian Army to complete any type of secret and officially secret tasks? This is one of the Indian Army PARA SF. Yes, PARA Special Forces are kept in the category of such Special Forces, which are mostly kept to carry out extremely intelligence missions. Even though PARA SF are appointed from the Indian Army forces, they are part of the Parachute Regiment.

Special Forces are appointed according to their areas to work in different areas in the Indian Army Force. Due to unlimited ecological and global diversity in our country, different types of Special Forces are deployed in different areas. Let us know for which areas the PARA Special Forces of the Indian Army are appointed and what are the roles of PARA SF and responsibility.

About Indian Army PARA Special forces

Parachute Special Force(also known as PARA Special Force) is a special force in the Indian Army special force. The Indian Army PARA Special Forces were first made in June 1966, after the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. An improvement commando unit named Meghdoot Force, which participated in the 1965 war, made the first centre of permanent PARA commando battalion.

The best young men from this battalion were shortlisted and rose in the name of Parachute Special Force (PARA Special Force). Initially, only two battalions were made in the Indian Army, in which 9 PARA and 10 PARA Special Forces were kept. The first mission to this PARA Force was given during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. In this operation, the work of the PARA SF was to conduct raids against the Pakistani Army.

Role Responsibilities of PARA SF Commandos:-

The soldiers of the PARA SF of the Indian Army are selected for a variety of Roles. But this work is done intelligently. Let us know that the Special Forces of the Indian Army are appointed to perform various types of Roles in the course of their duty.

  1. By Secret way, they Collect intelligence data of an enemy country and enemy territory.
  2. Destroy enemy critical infrastructure and communication channels through infiltration and surgical strikes behind enemy lines.
  3. Covertly destroy the designs of terrorists and extremists by participating in operations conducted by Indian forces.
  4. If any civilian or Indian Army Soldier is taken hostage somewhere within or outside Indian Territory, then to carry out rescue operations for them.

How to join PARA SF (Special Forces)

If you also want to be joined in the PARA SF of the Indian Army, then you will first have to be Join in the Indian Army. To join the Indian Army, you can appear for NDA after class 12th and CDS after getting Bachelor’s degree. Apart from this, you can also join the Indian Army by participating in the rallies organized by the Indian Army from time to time. Let us know, what are things you need to keep in mind to become a PARA SF?

How to join PARA Special Forces, this thing happens in the mind of many students. But you must be a soldier before joining PARA Special Forces. If a soldier fulfils all the required criteria given below, then he is selected for this and given training.

  1. To become a PARA SF, the soldiers must be physically and mentally strong.
  2. During the selection, the soldiers must get 100% marks in the physical efficiency test and 50% marks in the written test.
  3. Students who are fit for these criteria are asked by ARO to join the PARA regiment.Thereafter selected candidates are required to appear for other examinations to be held in PARA Regiment.
  4. Such candidates who prepare to join the PARA Regiment are assured of joining the regiment already allotted to them.
  5. If they pass the screening test then they are given further training otherwise they are failed.

The candidate is required to fulfil the following qualifications during the physical test:-

  1. 5 kilometer runs in 20 minutes,
  2. 14 Chin Ups,
  3. 40 push-ups in a minimum of 1 minute.
  4. 80 Sit Ups in 2 minutes
  5. 17 times in 1 minute for mountain shuttle

Only candidates who do are physically successful. They are proceeding with the next examination and another training task. Only the candidates who pass this physical exam are sent to PRTC. Further examination and training are conducted by PRTC.

Join PARA Special Forces:-If you have made up your mind to join Para Special Force, then you must prepare yourself physically and mentally. Along with this, join the Indian Army by performing better in the examinations conducted to join the Indian Army. Para Special Force is one of the finest and modern technologies equipped forces of the Indian Army. Working in this force is a different experience.

If you also want to join the Special Forces and prepare for the Indian Army, then prepare for your examination by joining the country’s prestigious and best education coaching institutes. Also, strengthen yourself physically by participating in the physical training organized on the campus of the Major Kalshi coaching institute.

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