Know all about India-Russia AK 203 Assault Rifle Deal. How AK 203 Benefits for Our Forces?

Continuous efforts are being made by the Indian Defence Ministry to further strengthen the strength of the Indian Army. In the next phase of this effort, the Defence Ministry has given the final approval to the deal of about Rs 5000 crore for the AK-203 assault rifle. This deal was done between Russia-India when Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a visit to India on 7 December 2021. This deal was done between India and Russia only a few years ago and it was agreed, but only recently the final approval has been given to this deal.

This deal made between India and Russia at this time is very special. With the arrival of the AK-203 assault rifle from Russia, the Indian Army will become even more powerful. As you have been told that the Indian Defence Ministry has done a deal worth 5000 crores. All AK-203 assault rifles made under this deal will be manufactured in India. Because of this, it is being considered a very special deal for India. Let us know, what are the features of the assault rifle that India will get?

India-Russia AK 203 Assault Rifle Deal

The boon made by the Ministry of Defence of India to strengthen the army of India is considered very special. Through this deal, the Indian Army is going to get more than 700,000 assault rifles. The most important thing is that all the assault rifles made by this deal between India and Russia will be made in India itself. Amethi district of UP has been chosen for this. However, due to the gradual progress of the technology so far, initially only a few guns will be made in Russia. Once the guns are manufactured, they will be handed over to the Indian Army after 32 months.

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Features of AK-203 Assault Rifle:-

Let us know, what are the features of the AK-203 rifle that will be obtained from this deal between India and Russia. The AK-203 will be used in place of the INSAS rifle made by DRDO, a combat arms maker in India. For many years it has been seen that the INSAS rifle used in the Indian Army is facing many problems. But now the Indian government has to deal with Russia for the AK-203. Through this deal, the Indian Army is going to get a lot of support in terms of guns and guns equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Talking about the features of the AK-203, it is very good compared to the INSAS assault rifle.

  • The weight of the AK-203 is very less and it is made of new technology. This rifle weighs 3.8 kg (without a magazine).
  • The AK-203 rifle measures 705 mm in length and includes great features like folding stock.
  • Due to the fold stock feature present in the AK-203, this rifle is smaller, lighter, and more dangerous than the INSAS gun.
  • The AK-203 assault rifle uses 7.62x39mm shells. Even in terms of caliber, this assault rifle is much more dangerous than DRDO’s INSAS rifle.
  • The AK-203 rifle has a range of up to 800 meters and one magazine can fire up to 30 rounds.
  • The AK-203 will be produced in both automatic and semi-automatic variants.
  • It is also being claimed by the company that makes this assault rifle that AK-203 can fire at a rate of 600 bullets per minute.

By the way, the basic firing mechanics and internal features are the same in other rifles of the AK assault rifle series. The Kalashnikov rifles used in Russia are gas-operated. This rifle can fire between 600 to 700 rounds in 1 minute. The front Crimean and rear side bases have been revamped to cover the top cover of the AK-203. The locking mechanism of this assault rifle is placed at the top. The AK-203 assault rifle uses a side-folding, four-position telescopic shoulder stock. This stock can be used comfortably with a 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher.

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