How to Prepare for Psychology Test in SSB in 2022

SSB interview is a five-day interview conducted in the Armed Forces. The candidates have to perform different types of tasks in the interview. One of the tasks which we call a Psychological Test is conducted on the second day of the SSB Interview. In this interview, the quality of the candidates, reasoning power, state of thinking, observing the situation, etc. Let’s see How to Prepare for Psychology Test in SSB in 2022.

The primary objective of the psychological test conducted during the SSB interview is whether the selected candidates possess the qualities of an officer or not. During the psychological test, you have to write more in less time. So many candidates are unable to hide their true feelings and psychologists can read the real personality of the candidate. Let us know how you can prepare yourself for the psychological test and score maximum marks on this test.

How to Prepare for Psychology Test in SSB

During the psychological test of the SSB interview, the candidate has to go through 4 different stages. These steps are as follows:-

  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  2. Word association test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test  (SRT)
  4. Self-Description test (SDT)

Let us give you information about each of the steps and how you can prepare for the Psychology Test in SSB.

1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

During this test, you are shown 11 different types of black and white pictures on a screen and the twelfth picture which is a blank slide is also shown. The symbol picture is brought to you only for 30 seconds and then deleted. After deleting you have to write a factual story related to it within 4 minutes based on the picture displayed. After every 4 minutes, you will be shown a picture again for the next 30 seconds and on this also you have to write a story. In this way, you have to follow the same process till the last slide.

During Psychological Testing, this test is taken to test the thinking ability and imagination of the candidates. You have to show your idea and imagination in less time. The images shown in TAT contain problems that you have to solve immediately. Such as to save, an accident, fire, theft, or drowning. The scope for visualizing such photographs is limited and most candidates are expected to understand the status, immediacy, priority, and responsibility of the photographs shown. Seeing these feelings only solves their problems.

How to Prepare for TAT: –

As you have seen above you have to write a story within 4 minutes. Writing an effective and logical story in this short time is not an easy task. When you’re writing a story about pictures by looking at them, don’t write a pre-determined story. Doing so will hurt your performance. It is easily identifiable by the assessing officers. To prepare for this, you have to work continuously for many months. To crack TAT, read the books published by MKC and write the story as per your imagination related to them as per the stipulated time.

2. Word association test (WAT)

Each candidate for this test is given a task. In which the candidates are shown one after the other 60 different types. Each word is shown on the screen by the officers for 15 seconds. After which in 15 seconds you have to write a sentence related to that word. When it is shown on the screen, write whatever sentence comes first in your mind related to that word. Thus you are shown new words continuously for 15 seconds and without stopping you have to write 60 sentences related to those words. The main objective of taking this test in the psychological test of SSB interview is conducted to check the enthusiasm and excitement of the candidates. This test checks how the candidate can show his process according to any situation or situation. Many aspirants always mistake this test for sentence making test instead of a word association test and lose their selection

How To Prepare WAT:-

To crack this test, the candidate should try to make sentences with a minimum of 5 to 10 words every day. The sentences shown in this are the words used in your daily conversation. Therefore, to prepare these sentences, you can take the help of word meaning from English books. You can also do your preparation by using the words given in the newspapers that come out daily. If you are looking for the best coaching institute to make correct sentences of words in the stipulated time, then join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute and study books related to SSB.
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3. Situation Reaction Test  (SRT)

During this task of psychological testing, each candidate is given a booklet. In that booklet, you are given about 60 different types of situations. You have to give your imagination based on all the 60 situations present in the booklet. You are allotted a minimum of 30 minutes to complete this task. These are the incidents that are related to the reality of life and you must have faced these situations at some time or the other in your daily life. The details are included in a booklet.

Due to less time, many candidates are usually able to express their views on only one or two situations. While expressing thoughts about situations, you must note that even if you tell about only one or two situations, you express your views on them with full confidence. Your answers should be spontaneous. While writing the answer, write the answer by imagining yourself in those situations. Doing so makes a good impression on the assessing officers. The only importance of this test in the psychological test is that it is checked by the authorities whether you can handle any situation or not.

How To Prepare SRT: –

To be successful in SRT, a candidate has to think about the tasks he/she does in his/her daily life and continuously prepare for them as per his/her imagination. To get 100% success in this task, one must study the books published by MKC. You can prepare for your SSB interview in a better way by taking admission to MKC Coaching Institute.

4. Self-Description test (SDT)

During the psychological test, the description test is conducted only to collect the personal information of the candidates. In this test, you have to write your opinion about your parents, teachers, friends and yourself. In this test you also have to write about your future.15 minutes are given by the officials to complete this task. In self-description candidates are asked by the officials to write their opinion and views on the following people.

  • Your Father and Mother (Name, Occupation, and Behaviors)
  • Your Friends(Name, Role in Your Life, and Behaviors)
  • Your Teacher(Name, Role in Your Life, and Behaviors)
  • Your Self (All about)

How To Prepare SDT: –

To be successful in the self-description test you have to write the truth about yourself. Even by mistake, do not express any kind of wrong idea about yourself. By doing this it will have a negative effect on your marks and you can also be expelled by the officials.

During the psychological test, it is concluded from the above-given task that in this your psychological ability, writing skills, thinking, etc. are checked. You need to work hard to earn success in this task which is held on the second day of the SSB interview. So you should start preparing for the SSB interview well in advance. For this, you join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. In this coaching institute, you will get the best books related to them for psychological tests.

This entire book has been written under the patronage of retired officers taking SSB interviews in the Indian Armed Forces. To crack the psychological test of the SSB interview and buy the related books, you can visit the official website of MKC or call on the below-given contact number. Join Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today to start your exam preparation by joining MKC and preparing for the exam sitting at home online and yourself as an officer in the Armed Forces.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why are there psychological tests in the Indian Armed Forces SSB interview?

In the SSB interview, it is ensured from the psychological test whether the selected candidates have all the qualities to become an officer or not?

Where to prepare for the psychological tests?

If you want to prepare for the Psychology test then enrol yourself in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today and earn your success in this test.

Can psychological test preparation be done sitting at home?

Yes, you can prepare for the psychological test sitting at home too. For this, start your exam preparation by getting the books published by MKC Coaching Institute sitting at home.

Can I tell my subject in the Hindi language in the Self-Description Test?

While giving the Self-Description Test, the candidate should try to explain his/her subject in the English language only. If you want to use the Hindi language, then you must take permission once from the interviewing officers for this.

Where to prepare for the English language for the SSB interview?

To speak English fluently in the SSB interview, enrol yourself in a Swiss school conducted by Major Kalshi Classes today and strengthen your English language.

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