NDA 1/2022 SSB Date and expected Cutoff

NDA 1/2022 SSB Date:- The announcement of the result of the National Defence Academy, the most popular examination to join the Indian Armed Forces, is available from 09/05/2022 on the official website of the Union Public Service Commission. In this written examination held on 10th April 2022, lakhs of candidates have appeared and tried to do better in the examination.

Best wishes from Major Kalshi Classes to the candidates who have qualified in NDA 1/2022 published on 9th May 2022. Candidates who have qualified in the written exam now need to work hard to prepare for the upcoming stage i.e. SSB Interview. Students will be invited for an SSB interview at the SSB centre probably from July to September 2022. In today’s article, we will give you information about the SSB interview date of NDA 1/2022 and also the expected cutoff, through which you can predict whether you will be selected or not. Let us know what is the expected cut-off of the NDA written exam?

NDA 1/2022 SSB Date:-

After the declaration of the NDA written exam result on 9 May 2022, the SSB Date is the most asked question by the aspirants. So let me clear you that the SSB will be conducted from July 2022 to September 2022.

Expected cut-off of NDA 1 2022:-

The probable cut-off for this NDA 1/2022 written exam which is going to be held on 10th April 2022 is as per the cut-off of the last 5 years. Probably the cut-off of this NDA written exam can be between 350 to 360. Below we are giving you information about the last 5 years’ cut-off.

NDA and NA 2017Exam cut off
NDA and NA (I) 2017342
NDA and NA (II) 2017258
Written + SSB Interview (I)708
Written + SSB Interview (II)624
NDA and NA 2018Exam cut off
NDA and NA (I) 2018338
NDA and NA (II) 2018325
Written + SSB Interview (I)705
Written + SSB Interview (II)688
NDA and NA 2019Exam cut off
NDA and NA (I) 2019342
NDA and NA (II) 2019346
Written + SSB Interview (I)704
Written + SSB Interview (II)—-
NDA and NA 2020Exam cut off
NDA and NA (I) 2020355
NDA and NA (II) 2020355
Written + SSB Interview (I)723
Written + SSB Interview (II)723
NDA and NA 2021Exam cut off
NDA and NA (I) 2021343 (Expected)
NDA and NA (II) 2021347 (Expected)
Written + SSB Interview (I)To be Update
Written + SSB Interview (II)To be Update
NDA and NA 2021Exam cut off
NDA and NA (I) 2022350-360 (Expected)
Written + SSB Interview (I)To be Update

What is SSB Interview?

An interview is conducted by the Recruitment Commission to select the candidates to join the Indian Armed Forces. This interview is conducted by the Short Selection Board at the centres of the Armed Forces. Interviews are conducted by the SSB commission to select the best candidates mentally, intellectually, physically, and medically. This interview, which is very different from the normal interview, has a total of 2 stages. Zero-day screenings are organized in the first stage. Under the second stage, candidates have to go through activities like Psychological, GTO, and Personal Interviews and Conferences. Let us give you detailed information about both the levels to be conducted in the SSB centre. For this information, read the table given below carefully. NDA 1/2022 SSB Date

5 days Procedure in SSB Interview


Stage 1

Stage 2



1 (Screening)

2 (Psychology)

3 and 4 (GTO)



PIQ Form

·         Verbal

·         Non-Verbal Test

·         PPDT

·         Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)

·         Word Association Test (WAT)

·         Situation Reaction Test (SRT)

·         Self-Description Test (SD)

·         Group Discussion (GD)

·         GPE or MPE (group/military planning exercise)

·         Progressive group task (PGT)

·         Snake Race/Group Obstacle Race

·         Individual Lecturette (IO)

·         Half Group Task (HGT)

·         Individual Obstacles

·         Command task

·         Final Group Task (FGT)

·         Personal Interview

·         Conference.


The activities given in each task in the table above may be different. All these tasks are set by the officials at the SSB center.

Best Coaching for NDA SSB Interview Preparation: –

After preparing for the written exam of NDA 1/2022, students should prepare for the exam by joining the best coaching institute to prepare for the SSB interview. The following facilities are easily accessible to the candidates for the preparation forthe SSB interview through MKC.

  • Under the first stage of the SSB interview, better guidelines are provided by the experts to the candidates to fill out the Personal Information Questions form.
  • Books for Verbal and Nonverbal Test and PPDT are published by MKC Pvt Ltd.
  • The classes are conducted offline and online by the best teachers for screening and psychological activities.
  • Every day, offline and online classes are conducted by Major Kalshi Classes for SSB interviews. A minimum of more than 500 candidates attend both the classes and prepare for their exams by staying in different parts of the country.
  • Classes held every day are available in both Hindi and English languages.To prepare for the exam through these classes, you can also prepare from home using the MKC Learning Application.
  • For the candidates joining from different states, the teachers of Major Kalshi Classes also prepare for SSB interviews in the English language.
  • All types of books related to NDA SSB Interview are published by Major Kalshi Classes Publication in Hindi and English languages. Candidates can get all the books published by MKC Private Limited sitting at home.
  • You can easily order according to your language by visiting MKC Learning Application and MKC’s official website to get the books.
  • All these books are available in the library for the candidates preparing for the examination by joining the campus of the coaching institute.
  • In the library of MKC, candidates not only get books but also get current affairs, magazines, and daily newspapers easily.
  • You live the life of NDA cadets by staying in this hostel based on the rules and regulations of the army.
  • In this hostel, the candidates get all the facilities for studies like 24 hours electricity and an excellent study environment.
  • Major Kalshi Classes provide the facility of English Speaking courses for candidates who are weak in English.
  • You will receive the classes conducted for the English Speaking Course at the Swiss School. To speak English fluently, classes are conducted daily, offline, and online by the teachers of the Swiss school of Major Kalshi Classes.
  • This coaching institute provides you with the facility of MKC Health Care Center to medically prepare the candidates to join the Army. At MKC Health Care Center, you are provided with the facilities of a complete investigation by retired doctors of the army and the best doctors of the Prayagraj region.
  • There is a huge open ground in the coaching campus to conduct all the physical type tasks related to SSB interviews. NDA 1/2022 SSB Date

Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute conducts mock interviews by a retired army officer to prepare for the personal interview to be held on the last day of the SSB interview. In this interview, information and better guidelines are made available by the candidates about how to perform in the actual interview. To perform better in the Personal Interview, you can enrol yourself by visiting the coaching institute campus of Major Kalshi Classes. To enrol you can easily start your preparation from home by using the contact number given below. If you want to prepare for your exam by staying at Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Campus then enroll yourself in Major Kalshi Classes located in Tagore Town and start preparing. For any kind of information related to the examination and information about NDA and Armed Forces Result etc., use MKC Learning Application and the official website.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • When will the official results of National Defence Academy 1 2022 be published?
    Ans: –
    The results of the National Defence Academy 1 2022 in an official way have been made available on the official website of the Union Public Service Commission on 9th May 2022.
  • When is the SSB date of NDA 1 2022?
    Ans: –
    National Defence Academy 1st 2022 SSB Interview will be conducted from July to September 2022 at SSB Centers.
  • Can I prepare for the SSB interview sitting at home?
    Ans: –
    You can better prepare for the SSB interview even by sitting at home, for this you can use the MKC Learning Application or the YouTube channel of MKC.
  • Which coaching institute to take admission in for SSB interview preparation?
    Ans: –
    To get better guidelines for preparing for the SSB interview, you got yourself enrolled in Major Kalshi Classes located in Tagore Town.
  • Which books are better for SSB interviews?
    Ans: –
    Major Kalshi Classes Publications are the best books to prepare for an SSB interview.In these books, facilities have been provided to you to prepare for the exam in both Hindi and English languages.
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