Last 6 month Current Affairs for Defense Examination

Always try to make yourself up to date with the defense-related news if you are defense aspirant Most of the questions in this section which would be asked in the Examination. here In this article, I will share with you the last 6 months current affairs for Defence, Defense-related news of last 6 months. I will try to cover all the news regarding the defense which has happened last year.

Last 6 month Current Affairs for Defense Examination:

In the last 6 months, So many good things and bad things have happened in the Indian defense. here is the list of news which we will discuss in this:

  • Indian Armed Forces got first Chief Of Defense Staff
  • The Cheif of the Indian Army has been changed.
  • Newly established Department of Military Affairs
  • India successfully Tested the Nuclear weapon carrier (Prithvi II)
  • Indian Army Successfully Tested the ATGM Spike L.R Missile
  • Chinese Drone Loong-II (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Meteor and Scalp Missiles to be fitted in Rafael Jet

Indian Armed Forces got first Chief Of Defense Staff :

The Vipin Rawat has been appointed as Chief of Defense Staff. He is the first person who is appointed as the Chief of defense staff. The post of Chief of Defense Staff was vacant till yet. Now Mr. Vipin Rawat has become the First Chief of defense staff.  Earlier Mr. Vipin Rawat was Army Chief and  Now the Vipin Rawat will be handling the post of Chief of Defence Staff till December 2022 and for the post of the Army chief, the Manoj Mukund Naravane has been appointed as the new Chief of the Army Staff. The Idea of creation of such post goes back to the General V.K Singh. The planning for the Chief of Defence Staff was going on after the Kargil war and It is very important in today’s era. for the complete details about this. you can click on the link given below:

Gen. Vipin Rawat to be the First Chief of Defense Staff

The Cheif of the Indian Army has been Changed:

The Chief of the Indian army has been changed on 31st December 2019. Now the Current Chief of the Indian Army is Manoj Mukund Naravane. Earlier the Naravane was vice chief of the Indian Army. now he will be serving as the chief of the Army staff till the age of the 60.

The Ex-Army Chief Mr. Vipin Rawat has been now appointed as the CDS (Chief of Defence Staff ). Now he will be serving the country as CDS till December 2022. for the further details, you can click on the link below:

Lt. Gen Manoj Mukunda Naravane To be Army Chief

Newly established Department of Military Affairs:

This is a recently established department for the Chief of Defense Staff and it will be headed by the CDS Vipin Rawat, the main purpose of this Department is to Promoting jointness in Procurement and training, Staffing for the Service through the Joint planning and integration of their requirements, Facilitation the restructuring of military commands for optimal utilization of resources by bringing about jointness in the operations and including through the Joint and theater command, Promoting the use of Indigenous equipment by the Service.

This department will run under the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Defense Staff will be the 1st Advisor of the government in kind of situation related to the Indian Armed forces.

India successfully Tested the Nuclear weapon carrier (Prithvi II):-

Indian tested the Nuclear missile carrier and which can fight up to the range of 250 km to 300 km.  this all test has been done by the Army Strategic Command under the Guidance of DRDO. This Missile is known as Ground to Ground attacks.  this Missile is designed by the DRDO. The length of this missile is 8.56 meter and the diameter is 110cm or 1m. This Missile can be launch from the 8 by 8 TATA (Transporter erector launcher).

Indian Army Successfully Tested the ATGM Spike L.R Missile:-

Recently Indian Army tested the Spike LR missile in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This is missile os also called an Anti Tank missile. This Missile has a capacity of destroying the enemies’ tank up to the 4km of range. This missile is fully tested and almost 5000 Missile has been tested yet worldwide and 95% of the missile have done their work.  This is a fourth-generation missile which is recently tested by the Indian Army. the first generation of this missile was made in 1981 in Israel and India has become the 33rd country of testing this missile. The weight of this missile is around 14kg and Tripod 2.8 kg and battery 1kg.  length 1200mm and diameter 130mm.

Chinese Drone Loong-II (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle):

Chinese drone Loong II is basically a missile carrier and can carry the missile up to the weight of 480kg and this drone id having a length of 11 m and a wingspan of 20.5 m.  China is known for his battle capacity, This missile is made by China in order to carry the missile and fire them from air to surface. this drone can carry the different types of missiles, This is a completely modern drone which is fully controlled by the computers. the fuel capacity of this drone is very high, it can fly up to 35 hours with the single fuel Injection.

This drone can be bit tension for the Indian Armed forces because it has a spice camera that can capture the images from the 700p ft above the ground. This the information about this drone till yet. If any things come further I will update you shortly.

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Meteor and Scalp Missiles to be fitted in Rafael Jet:

The Rafael Jet which is about to be entered in the Indian jets squadron soon. The government has also brought the special missiles for the Refael jet which is Meteor and scalp missiles. This missile is designed by the MBDA which us a leading missile maker in the world. This is one of the best and advanced missiles that the Indian airforce is about to get. This missile makes the Rafael jet more advanced and more capable of fighting in the war zone.

This the missile which has the capacity to destroy the enemy without getting engaged with them. This is one of the best missiles that IAF is about to get.  This missile can perform in any situation, any weather. Meteor missile is known to be the best beyond visual range missile in the world while Scalp is a deep strike weapon, and the Rafale with these two missiles will help India achieve unmatched air dominance in the region.

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