Weekly Defence Current Affairs of December 2019

The defence news is very important for you if you are defence aspirant, The questions which are asked in the current affairs section in the exam. Most of the question would be from the defence-related news. here I will share with you all the news related to the defence every week, So keep checking the website and subscribe this for the defence-related news. Weekly defence Related News, Defence Current Affairs of December,  Current affairs of defence and Weekly defence news 2019, etc.

Weekly Defence Current Affairs of December 2019:

The current affairs of defence are very important as I said above in the first paragraph. You will get complete detail about the news of the defence. This week there is a total four highlighted topics of defence. I will tell you those topics and will also discuss the details about this like dates, venue, important person name, etc.

  • Indian Army Conducts first-ever mountainous exercise naming ‘’Operation Himvijay’’
  • Chinese Drone Loong-II (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Meteor and Scalp Missiles to be fitted in Rafael Jet.
  • Tail Numbers of Aircrafts

These are the four highlighted topics of the defence this week and now we will discuss these topics in detail Weekly defence news 2019:

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Indian Army Conducts first-ever mountainous exercise naming ‘’Operation Himvijay’’

The Indian army has conducted the exercise training at the LAC (Line of Actual Control) which is near to China. HimVijay Operation in the area of Arunachal Pradesh at the height of 10,000 feet. In this exercise, the Indian army has created the real war zone situation, The practice for this exercise was going in the command of Army General Bipin Rawat. This exercise was about to be performed when the Chinese President was about to arrive in India. I have written an article over this, You can check the complete article over this topic and can get all the detail regarding this.

Operation HimVijay by Indian Army Conducted in Arunachal Pradesh

The Indian airforce will also participate in this exercise for a short time and most of the exercise will be done by the army personnel’s, Over 15000 soldiers have participated in this exercise. This is gonna be the best exercise by the Indian Army till date.

Chinese Drone Loong-II (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle):

Chinese drone Loong II is basically missile carrier and can carry the missile up to the weight of 480kg and this drone id having a length of 11 m and a wingspan of 20.5 m.  China is known for his battle capacity, This missile is made by China in order to carry the missile and fire them from air to surface. this drone can carry the different types of missiles, This is a completely modern drone which is fully controlled by the computers. the fuel capacity of this drone is very high, it can fly up to 35 hours with the single fuel Injection.

This drone can be bit tension for the Indian Armed forces because it has a spice camera which can capture the images from the 700p ft above the ground. This the information about this drone till yet. If any things come further I will update you shortly.


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Meteor and Scalp Missiles to be fitted in Rafael Jet:

The Rafael Jet which is about to be entered in the Indian jets squadron soon. The government has also brought the special missiles for the Refael jet which is Meteor and scalp missiles. This missile is designed by the MBDA which us a leading missile maker in the world. This is one of the best and advanced missiles which Indian airforce is about to get. This missile makes the Rafael jet more advanced and more capable for fighting in the war zone.

This the missile which has the capacity to destroy the enemy without getting engaged with them. This is one of the best missiles which IAF is about to get.  This missile can perform in any situation, any weather. Meteor missile is known to be the best beyond visual range missile in the world while Scalp is a deep strike weapon, and the Rafale with these two missiles will help India achieve unmatched air dominance in the region.

Tail Numbers of Aircraft:

Recently India has ordered the 36 Rafael jets from the Franch in 59000 crores. The tail number of the very Rafael jet will start as BS which refers to the Name of the Ex Air force chief. This is doing by the Indian airforce in the honor of the ex-air force chief.  The Ex Airforce chief  BS Dhanoa of the Indian airforce had worked a lot to get the Indian air force this Rafael jets. Out of this 36 Rafael fighter jets, the 6 jets are for the practice and rest of the jets will be action. This trainer Rafael jets will have two seats like SU 30 MKI for the training purpose.

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