Joint military exercise of the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force.

Joint military exercise of the Army/Navy/Airforce. The Joint military exercise or Military Exercises are defined as, “A military exercise or war game is the employment of military resources in training for a military operation, either exploring the effects of warfare or testing strategies without actual combat. Here in this article, I will talk about the Joint military exercise of the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force. Recently the Work for the Integrated theater Command has been started. To get information about the Integrated Theater Command, you can click on the link given below. To get complete information about this Joint military exercise in India. check out the Complete article below:

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Joint military exercise of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force:

Every country always tries to make their Army best. They always conduct the military Training Exercise with the other countries which is more capability in power, Stamina and training, etc. After the Integrated theater Command, now the Indian Defense officials have planed the Joint Exercises between the Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air Force, etc.

List of Joint Military Exercise between the India and other Countries

What is Joint Military Training of the Tri Forces:

The Joint military exercise of the Army/Navy/Airforce is happening very first time in India. Where all Tri forces: Indian Navy, Indian Army, and Indian Air force will train together under the command of the Chief of Defense Staff.

What is Responsibility of CDS (Chief of defence Staff)

The Joint Military Exercises are conducted for the betterment of both the forces. The Indian Armed forces are known as the greatest Forces in the world. This is all because of the training that they get. In order to become soldier Or officers in the Service. One will have to clear the toughest phase of training. The Joint Military Exercises are only for the commissioned officers and Soldiers etc.

India and Japan Naval Exercise JIMEX-2020 Begin in the Arabian Sea

About the Joint military exercise of the Army/Navy/Airforce:

The move for a joint training command is a continuation of the process that began in 2018 when a joint doctrine for the services was released by former chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) Admiral Sunil Lanba in the presence of then Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat and IAF chief B.S. Dhanoa. Apart from stating that there should be a tri-service approach for modernization of the three services, the joint doctrine had proposed joint training of personnel, unified command, and control structure. 

While the Army’s training command is in Shimla, the Air Force’s training command is located in Bengaluru. The Navy does not have a separate training command. All training-related establishments of the Navy come under the purview of the Southern Naval Command.

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The location for the Joint military exercise of the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force etc is yet to be decided. As per the sourses, Nagpur may be the place for the Joint military exercise of the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force.

Benefits of this Joint Military Training As per the Officials:

About the Joint military exercise of the Army/Navy/Airforce. The Officers Said in the Statement that Joint training command may help in arriving at a common policy for the services, thus increasing efficiency, saving money and increasing inter-services administrative ease of working.

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A senior Army officer said a joint training command would also help in the integration of training across the rank and file of the three services and the jointness in training would also lead to a congruence of the standard operating procedures.

The Indian Air Force and Army aviation have different SOPs for flying similar aircraft under similar operational conditions. It will also help in a shift in mindset from their own service towards a common interest. The joint training of the three services would go a long way in the operations and execution of Jointness. “If you don’t train together, how do you operate together”.

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